Zootly | The best CBD brands in South Africa

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Words by | Andrew Macfarlane – budding horticulturist, and part-time CBD taker.

Let’s just get the bragging out the way, we won. The Zootly CBD Oil range was voted the best in the CBD Championship. So, yeah, we’re the Original Growers (OGs) in the business.

If you’re not the biggest fan of the “grassy taste” of the usual CBD drops, the Zootly CBD range of flavours includes liquorice, spearmint, bubble-gum and original. Our favourite is the spearmint, minty fresh, and chilled (in both senses of the word)!

Then our produces are all broad-spectrum, which means they contain all the medicinal cannabinoids, just not THC (THC is a psychoactive compound, and illegal to sell in South Africa). There are actually over 110 known cannabinoids.

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What, you want to shower us with more praise? No, we won’t just harp on about the fact that Zootly’s CBD is produced in a GMP certified facility (a standard we’re certain everyone will need to be compliant within the CBD industry), not by someone who has a holiday house in Kommetjie, or that the absorption rate is greater than the competition because we supply it in a spray format. Gosh… ok, let’s share some of the limelight then…

There are some amazing CBD products on the market since becoming legal in South Africa on 23 May 2019.

Here are the three brands we think are the best and we’re proud to share the top four spots with them in the local South African CBD market.

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We love their products a lot, so much so that we actually stock them in our physical and online store.

Their range includes CBD body lotions, bath bombs, soap, repair cream, peppermint tea, and slumber massage oils which are all “human tested”. Our question is, how does one sign up for testing? Who are these humans in the test?

Enough questions. But this organic, Durban brand is all about living that natural “bath life”. If you’re a dedicated bather, these guys are for you!

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3) Oil Science

Based in Salt River, the suburb next to our shop in the trendy Mason’s Press in Woodstock, these guys stock a large range of CBD oils and flavours. Oil Science also specialise in creating CBD products for pets*.

*Actually, the writer of this blog has used this range very successfully on two of his doggos. And before you ask, yes Zootly stock some of their products on our shelves, online and in-store.

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4) Goodleaf

If you were wondering, is there a “BodyShop type” CBD player in the South African market, the answer is yes. It’s Goodleaf. As the “first dedicated CBD” shop in South Africa, their range of premium products is every Constantia housewife’s dream!

They offer sleek CBD Vape Pens produced by Select, their CBD infused sparkling water range* (won’t it be great to have a refillable bottle and station system for this!), and finally their Dr Kerklaan range which has been “forged after over two decades of medical experience”.

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