Zootly | The benefits of vaping dry herb and why it’s not dangerous

Zootly | The benefits of vaping dry herb and why it's not dangerous | Image: Pexels

Vaping hasn’t been getting the best rep lately, after a number of isolated incidences regarding problems with vaporisers or health concerns popping up (read more about that here). But before hysteria sets in and people begin to throw out their vapes, it’s good to go over the reasons why dry herb vaping is not necessarily dangerous, based on facts and misconceptions which aren’t often acknowledged.

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Why dry herb vaping is not dangerous

One of the biggest benefits of vaping is that vaporising dry herbs produces far fewer toxins than normal smoking. This is all due to the temperature which they work at. Vaporisers operate at a far lower heat range (between 360-390 degrees Celsius) and don’t combust weed like rolling, bongs or pipes(matches/lighters ignite at 600 degrees Celsius), resulting in it being heated in a more controlled manner, making it the best way to consume marijuana, saving flavour, and preserving the medicinal compounds in weed.

AirVape-Xs-Go | Image: The Vape Guide

Despite misconceptions, vaporisers create less smoke than normal smoking methods, so using a vape will mean there’s less smoke in your lungs, which is better for your teeth and oral health too. The lower heat and lack of fire or flame also mean that you fry the all-important cannabinoids contained in your favourite bud. Many higher-quality vapes even allow you to adjust the temperature at which that vaporise at.


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