Zlatan Went On Jimmy Kimmel & Did Not Disappoint

He's Literally The Funniest Guy On The Planet

We’re big fans of Zlatan Ibrahimovic here at MyCityByNight and were kind of sad when he left Manchester United in order to join MLS League outfit LA Galaxy. We are happy to report that Zlatan hasn’t lost any of his shine since moving to the US, after we saw the star go on Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week to deliver one of the most entertaining interviews that we’ve seen on the show yet.

The big Swede was on top form during the interview and was all smiles and cracking jokes and referring to himself in the third person, much to the delight of the audience, while he discussed signing for LA Galaxy (he took out a full-page newspaper ad to tell the city of Los Angeles “You’re Welcome.”). Ibra also discussed whether or not he would be going to the World Cup in Russia and how he put Sweden on the map and that he came to Los Angeles to give everyone a gift — himself.

Check out the hilarious 8-minute clip below:

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