Zero tolerance coffee shops are a thing – here are the ‘Third Wave’ coffee brands in SA


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There’s a new ethos running through the coffee industry and it’s one of zero tolerance. At these certain outlets, you’re not asked how you take your coffee, you’re told. Referred to as ‘Third Wave Coffee Shops’  these brands abide by strict “coffee culture rules”.

To honour the quality and taste of their roast these ‘Third Wave’ coffee shops have adopted a zero-tolerance policy on sugar, milk and cream and have placed a strong emphasis on giving the consumer a pure experience.

Some international outlets have taken it a step further and have stopped selling ‘to-go’ coffee as they believe the taste of the roast deteriorates if not drunk immediately and because – excess waste.


While the Third Wave coffee scene is more prominent abroad, there are a few brands in South Africa who have adopted the zero tolerance ethos. While SA isn’t quite as purist as the international scene -take a look at some of SA’s Third Wave coffee shops below.

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Third Wave Coffee in South Africa



Cape Town

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