Zevenwacht Wine Estate| Review

This past weekend I was invited to attend a birthday/we won a quiz night weekend getaway at Zevenwacht Wine Estate 30 minutes from the Cape Town city centre. I am an avid drinker of wine (and just about everything else) and I was quite excited to go and sample some of the wines that they had on offer along with experience a night’s stay in the vineyards.

We arrived at Zevenwacht at around noon and proceeded to pop a bottle of Champers and get our drink on at the little cottage named “Charlotte”. The estate itself is absolutely beautiful and I was totally mystified that all of this awesomeness was available within a half an hour’s drive from Cape Town. It being a winefarm, the crew decided that it was probably a good idea to mosy on down to the cellars for a spot of wine and cheese tasting.

When we arrived at the cellar we were greeted by a chick who we named “bitchy mcbitch” because of her generally nasty demeanor. We even complimented her on her nice outfit and this didnt even help melt her icy exterior. It really was odd- normally the tour guides at cellars are stoked to let you take your time and enjoy a bit of chat while sampling all the yummy wine and cheese on offer- this chick didnt even let us chill for a smoke- I think her exact words were: “you can either go & smoke or come on a cellar tour NOW.” Shoo- Bitchy McBitch!!!

That was my only real complaint about my visit to Zevenwacht- the tour guide- seriously peeps, she’s the face of your brand and regardless of the fact that I still bought wine and cheese to take home (its that good), the whole crew was a bit miffed by her bitchyness.

Otherwise I give it the thumbs up- go and check out Zevenwacht Wine Estate if you feel like experiencing all the awesomeness of wine country, only a half an hour from Cape Town.

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  1. I have just read your article and cannot disagree with you more about your comments re your host. I visit the farm regularly and recently we took some Spanish clients of ours there who were most impressed with her warmth, charm and knowledge of the particular wines that she served.I do agree with with regards to their wines though and their cheese platters make for a most enjoyable lunch meeting. We are fortunate to have the beautiful Zevenwacht farm right on our doorstep. Maybe you should give your host and Zevenwacht another try.

    1. @Steven- I was never disputing her knowledge of the wines, maybe she was having a really off day- or maybe she just likes Spanish people people more 😉

      The farm is spectacular and I’ll definately go back again 🙂

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