Zebra & Giraffe release new EP Slow Motion today



Zebra & Giraffe`s new EP “Slow Motion” was released earlier today, much to the excitement of fans around the country and abroad. Zebra & Giraffe is known as one of South Africa`s finest rock acts, with two SAMA wins and more than 15 radio hits over the past 7 years. Their passion to move beyond what they’re known for musically is evident in the unpredictability of each new release.

The music video for the first single off the EP – “It’s All The Same” was released on Thursday 5 November. It is a collaboration by Director/DOP Trevor Calverly (who also shot the band’s “Sons” music video in 2013), visual artist and actress Elsa Bleda, and Zebra & Giraffe lead singer Greg Carlin. It was produced by Carlin and Alan Shenton for Hoodlum Music and stars actor Adam Heyns alongside Bleda. Additional scenes were shot and directed by Tristan Holmes. The video was edited and graded by Carlin.

Zebra & Giraffe did the pre-production for the new album at Openroom in Greenside and then flew to San Francisco to record the EP with American producer Cian Riordan (HOLYCHILD, The Wombats). – This is the first time that they have worked with a new producer after doing 4 albums with Darryl Torr. Greg Carlin says:

I think the 2 main things that Cian brought to the table was a fresh perspective on song choice, and a simplification of the production process. We’re so used to layering our sound in studio – we’d layer at least 5 to 10 guitars plus effects on any given part. That layering has in a sense become our signature sound, but it also allowed us to hide behind it. I think we got away with a lot. Cian stripped everything back to its core and made sure the hooks and the playing were all super strong. It’s definitely given us a bolder and punchier sound.” 

Zebra & Giraffe spent 7 days recording at Panoramic House in Stinson Beach (20mi from San Francisco) They also got to record the vocals and piano for “You Are” live at Barefoot Studios in Hollywood.

The EP isn’t focused on one specific type of song or genre. The sound across the 5 songs is diverse. Carlin explains: “On this project we wanted to push ourselves in different directions and not play it safe by producing the same thing we have before.”The searing “Redefine” finds the bands exploring its heavier side with Carlin pushing his voice to new heights. You Are” and “Slow Motion” find Carlin and the band exploring more positive themes than on past releases, whilst “It’s All The Same” and “Won’t Break Down” blur the barriers between pop and rock and will be stuck in your head for days. “You Are” also features newcomer Ruby Gill on vocals.

The EP was mixed by Cian Riordan and mastered by Emily Lazar at the Lodge, NYC (Vampire Weekend, Sia, Foo Fighters)

Website and social media:

Website:    http://www.zebraandgiraffe.co.za/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/zebraandgiraffe

Twitter:      http://twitter.com/zebraandgiraffe

Instagram: http://instagram.com/zebraandgiraffe/


Upcoming Shows:


2nd December – Pop Art Theatre (Maboneng, JHB) Acoustic (with Ruby Gill)

3rd December –  Pop Art Theatre (Maboneng, JHB) Acoustic (with Ruby Gill)

4th December –  Rumours (West Rand, JHB)

5th December –  Sundowners (Alberton, JHB)

Photo by: Keagan Kingsley Green

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