Yum Yum 4 at Haibo

It’s time for the fourth Yum Yum event at Haibo, and after the pure awesome that went down at the Killer Cuts & Bad Tattoos party they have decided to keep it going with celebrating niche’, interesting and even forgotten art forms in Durban.

This Saturday 30th June they will be celebrating the art of DJing with Vinyl Records (only), and the hobby of collecting Vinyl toys/figurines. Designer/Vinyl toys have been a popular craze across the world for many years. You will mainly see them circulating amongst the designer and artist crowd, with the most popular brand being the KidRobot series. Collectors are invited to bring their toys on the day and have them professionally photographed from 7-9pm, these shots will then be projected onto the main wall of the venue.  This is also a meet and greet for collectors to interact and show off what they have.

There is not much we can say about DJing with vinyl records, we all miss it, and we all appreciate it greatly. You are also lucky to have a couple international guest DJ’s for the evening:
Edbert Loisl (Nurnberg Germany) & Four Lung (London UK).

First up is:

Edbert Loisl (Nurnberg Germany)

Digging vinyl is his passion. Starting his collection at the age of 8 gave him the opportunity to find his way through a large variety of musical genres and eras. That’s what he still does. He listens to a wide spectrum of music from Hip Hop to Rock’n’Roll and everything in-between, those ascendancies are clearly recognizable when you listen to his DJ- sets and turn them into something special. As a DJ he started to collect his first impressions and experiences behind the decks at the Zoom Club (zoomclub.de) in Nuremberg and later on at Die Rakete (dierakete.com). Besides these, he now has his own event with two friends of his, at Mitte Soundbar. It’s a monthly event and goes by the name of Kohlmeisen.

Four Lung (London UK)

‘Four Lung’ is a London based husband and wife DJ duo who have steadily been making waves in the European Deep House scene with tracks on the acclaimed label ‘Best Works’. They are firm believers in quality Deep House and the support they receive from some of the world’s best DJs is something not to be taken lightly.

They will be supported by DJs Coco Loco, Dakin Auret & Kingpin.

Name of event: Yum Yum – Toys & Records

Date of event: Saturday 30th June 2012

Venue: Haibo

Address: 18 Lilian Ngoyi (Windermere) Rd, Durban

Cover charge: Free

Party starts: 7pm

For more info: djdakinauret@gmail.com

All vinyl, all night.

Photographs by mynameisgrant.

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