YouTuber Uploads World’s First Illegal Live Stream From Inside North Korea

YouTuber Uploads World's First Illegal Live Stream From Inside North Korea

North Korea is a rather interesting place, where you can get executed for doing what is considered to be fairly normal anywhere else in the World. A YouTuber by the name of Vexxed has risked his life by deciding to live stream from inside North Korea’s capital Pyongyang, during a recent visit there. It’s a little known fact that it is actually possible to visit North Korea as a tourist as long as you’re accompanied by an official country guide, who makes sure you don’t do anything naughty like live stream video while you’re there.


Obviously not phased by the threat of a grizzly death, Vexxed decided to go ahead with the live stream – skip ahead to 1.30 if you don’t want to listen to the introduction and just want to see the “action”:

Vexxed has this to say about the whole thing:

I was really scared when I was there even though I didn’t show it.

I was told by a foreign guide that the North Korean guides were talking about whether or not I can be trusted not to make anti-DPRK videos.

I couldn’t tell them I was a Youtuber because then they might consider me a journalist or something, which I’m not, but in North Korea anything goes.

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