YouTube Sensation Dan Mace Returns To Cape Town To Recreate One Very Special AfrikaBurn Moment.


Naturally, we’ve been following local filmmaker and YouTube extraordinaire, Dan Mace quite closely as he blows up a little more each and every day. His unique style of filmmaking and storytelling has been captivatiing audiences across the wolrd. He’s candid, raw and often gives fans and viewers a closer look into his world and wild past.

In Dan’s latest video he returns back to Cape Town courtesy of SeatGeek to try and make amends with his ex-boss. Clearly, there are buckets of history between the two. In a massive attempt to make up for the past, Mace take’s his ex-boss back to the place they first met – Afrikaburn. Watch the incredible footage below and be sure to follow Dan on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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