Your Street Challenge inspired by Design Indaba

We consider ourselves to be creatives here at MyCityByNight and we could hardly contain our excitement as a new challenge was issued to all those like us in the Mother City at the Cape Town Design Network’s celebratory World Design Capital (WDC) Bid 2014 event on July 25, 2011.

The theme of Cape Town’s World Design Capital 2014 bid is “Live Design. Transform Life” and this particular competition allows all of us to do exactly that. Whether it’s building shelters for flower sellers or coming up with a unique way to transform a particular space in the city of Cape Town this challenge puts the future of the city firmly in our hands.

The Your Street Challenge is open and entries must be submitted by 31 August. For more information, please visit

In short this is what it is all about:


Design a solution that will transform an aspect the street-level experience of Cape Town and be prepared to implement it using R50 000.


Any street in Cape Town – you don’t actually have to live or work there, all Cape Town streets are yours.


Proposals to be submitted by 31 August 2011.


The first prize of R100 000 will be awarded to the designer that comes up with the best idea AND a sound business model that illustrates how their idea can feasibly be implemented.

Three second-place winners will each receive R50 000 for innovative design solutions that can be immediately implemented using the prize money.


Bringing design to a corner near you, the Your Street Campaign is not only about being Proudly South African and Proudly Capetonian, but about owning your street, loving your street and improving your street.

Design Indaba will appoint its own independent judging panel for the Your Street Challenge to ensure the integrity of the process and make sure that all Cape Town designers have the opportunity to participate on an equal footing.

Proposals will be judged on the following six cornerstones of design for social change:

  1. Generosity:How many people other than you does your design solution effect positively?
  2. International excellence and innovation: Does your design solution stand up to and trump similar world-class ideas?
  3. Feasibility:How do you propose to allocate the R50 000? 
  4. Fun:How much pleasure, enjoyment, beauty and smileyness does your design solution inspire? 
  5. Do:Can and will the design solution actually be executed? 
  6. A better world through creativity: How does your design solution make the world better and further inspire other people to make the world better? 

I’m already working on my own submission in the hope that mine will make the shortlist too!


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