Your car’s only as nice as the garage you park it in

For you all of you that have never been to Cape Town (I’m so sorry for you, make sure to get here ASAP)- I am going to tell you about one of the biggest downfalls of what is possibly the most beautiful city on the planet… PARKING.

It is near impossible to find a decent place to park your car anywhere in the city’s centre during the day due to the sheer number of people wanting to do their business in the cdb. At times even finding a good spot that is suitable for parking your tasty wagon is more complex an activity than performing root canal on yourself.

Well the very similar South Beach of Miami and a joint effort by a local developer and world-renowned architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron have offered up what has to be one of the most INGENIOUS solutions to a problem that is common in most cosmopolitan nightlife hubs around the world. Meet Miami’s new $65 million public parking garage with a top floor (open to the public), offering stunning city and ocean views, while being on offer as a venue to host weddings and the odd yoga class (available for between $12000 & $15000 a night). Above this is the owner’s private penthouse apartment, below, the floors are filled with Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Bentleys and legendary Civic Type R’s (hehe, maybe I just added that last bit in to make myself feel better).

What these guys put together last year was: a garage with floor heights of up to 34 feet, three times the norm; an amazing internal staircase, with artwork embedded in its base; leery ledges that rely on industrial-strength cable to hold back cars and people from squishing themselves on the pavement and a glass cube that houses a designer clothing store right in the middle of the parking lot to finish it all off (how avante-garde). In a final flourish, the architects created a soaring top floor that doubles as an event space, with removable parking barriers.

Parking in the lot usually costs $4 an hour (which is mad expensive) but for owners of cars that cost more than your house this is a small price to pay to have your car parked at the hottest garage in town. Its pretty much like a full car porn show for any fan with the opportunity to walk through the various levels and take pics of some of the rarest and hottest cars around.

I think I’d definately shell out to let my baby park in there! Come on SA let’s get cracking on one of these for Cape Town pronto!

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  1. One word car guard, or let is rethink the car guard and develop an avantcarguard with police deterring behaviour which prevents u being where he told u to park. (no reference to the art collective)

    1. Car gaurds are ridiculous people there are 15 in the space of ten metres.. they do not protect u or your car from parking fines by police and they are like vultures , why should i have to pay for parking everywhere i go in cape town… its unfair as students an residents of flats and housing to have to pay around 30-60 rand a day… So no thanx car gaurds and no thanx government ticketing systems which just cause more problems and hassles for drivers..

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