You might just walk alone with this Liverpool stadium shirt

I know quite a few Liverpool Football Club supporters who would do just about anything to support their club. Known for their blind fanatical support, these guys are always up for a bit of merchandising, even if the merchandise is absolutely crap.

Enter the Official Liverpool Stadium Shirt- possibly the most ugly bit of football club merchandise I’ve ever seen. To compliment the Miami Vice styling of the shirt, Liverpool has embossed the shirt with a wrap around graphic representation of Anfield. Available online now and already sold out of 2 sizes- Liverpool fans, I implore you- Please do not buy this shirt, even IF you really love the team.You’re going to look like a real idiot.

You’ll never walk alone? Yeah right.


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    1. Which Liverpool fan bottled you, that you have such a grudge against one of sports most iconic stadiums.

      1. Definitely don’t have a grudge against Anfield or Liverpool (although I wouldn’t ever be caught dead in a Pool shirt). Just think this is one very ugly shirt 🙂

  1. So this is what happens when Adidas drops you and Warrior picks you up….
    Adding that American flavour to footie. Keep it classy Liverpool

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