You Have My Word – A solo exhibition by Chris Auret

OPENING NIGHT: Tuesday 4 November 18:00
DURATION: Tues 4 Nov – Mon 17 Nov

MUTI Gallery, 3 Vredehoek Ave, Oranjezicht, Cape Town

About the show:

This is my first solo exhibition and rightfully a very personal one.

The show itself is separated into three linear parts: “Familiar Fools”, “Back to You; Back to Universe” and “Meeting My Maker”. Each of these chapters is a representation of my journey into the art world over the last three years; a place seemingly new to me since working in advertising for some time. The works are more conceptual in comparison to anything I’ve done in the past, which was a very deliberate decision as I began to take my pieces and their messages quite seriously. Throughout the experience of their creation, I unlocked something within myself I cannot quite describe and the show is a documentation of that process as best and as truthfully as I can possibly share with the public.

The exhibition comprises of photographs with hand-painted writings, paintings on canvas and glass, a video element, as well as abstract works – all touching on themes of self-discovery, what it means for me to be an artist, an exploration of the physical and spiritual worlds, as well as the conscious and subconscious mind and more. As a commitment to my creative practice I will be living in (not limited to) the gallery window throughout the duration of the show.

For more information:

Contact: +27 (0)21 465 3551 | +27 (0)21 461 2329 |

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