You have just become the Mayor of Space- Foursquare goes universal

If you, like me and the other 4 million users are a user of the social media application Foursquare, which uses GPS software to broadcast locations to your friends and earn badges for the spots that you check into- you’ll know the about the excessive fun that can be had with this little programme.

There’s nothing quite as gratifying as ousting somebody else as the mayor of a jol and then enjoying the special treatment (in the form of a free baguel or drink) that goes along with the title. One such jol that most of us will find a bit difficult to challenge for is that of SPACE… yes that’s right Foursquare is now operational in the gravity-less confines of space.

Douglas Wheelock, who is currently orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station, sent a message to us earthlings from his Twitter account, @Astro_Wheels, saying he had “unlocked the ‘NASA Explorer Badge’” on Foursquare.

The NASA Explorer Badge can only be earned by those who are “220 miles above the Earth traveling at 17,500 mph,” – pretty hardcore. NASA- being in the know about all things mystical has been quick to adopt things like Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools, also offering Foursquare badges to any visitors to a number of NASA facilities, including the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and mission control in Houston.

Timothy Creamer (a NASA flight engineer with a rather unfortunate surname) sent the first ever tweet from space in January and since then its been the norm for other astronauts to drop tweets and upload pics of earth landmarks like Kilamanjaro and your ex-girlfriend’s big ass from Space since then…

Beat that shit 🙂

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