You can now purchase a legal ‘lobolo agreement’ for R99 at Shoprite

Photo by Stijn te Strake on Unsplash

In an effort to address the legal issues surrounding marital rights in customary marriages, an entrepreneur by the name of Jabulani Mahlangu has created a legally binding lobola document which can be purchased at supermarkets.

Jabulani Mahlangu in partnership with Hortors Stationery – the company which supplies legal publications, forms, books and notices including lease agreements – created a pre-packaged agreement called ‘The Lobolo Negotiations Agreement for Marriage document’ which is now for sale at Shoprite outlets for R99.

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Mahlangu said there was a real need to create some form proper documentation for customary marriages as the current and traditional method is outdated, flawed and time-consuming. He said the method impacted on the dignity of a lobola agreement which is meant to connect two people and two families for a lifetime.

This is of great importance to our culture, we can’t afford to have any information bungled up. What is agreed upon during lobola negotiations has legal repercussions, so it’s important that all information be recorded accurately.

For instance, when a woman goes to the Home Affairs offices and the officials ask her to give them her lobola agreement so that she wins her husband’s estates and get her fair share for her and her children, the lady can produce a steadily written agreement where witnesses’ (the representatives) can be contacted should the matter go to court and they can verify their involvement.” – Jabulani Mahlangu

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