You can now pay extra to ensure your Uber driver doesn’t talk to you

Uber unveil 'Quiet Driver Mode' | Image by freestocks-photos from Pixabay


Uber has just updated its platform with an awesome new feature called the ‘Quiet Driver Mode‘. The new feature, which is currently only available with Uber Black services, allows passengers to notify a driver in advance should they wish to enjoy a silent ride without any small talk, simply by selecting the ‘quiet preferred’ option.

While this seems like an excellent feature for passengers, especially women, it’s the actual drivers who seem to be embracing it the most. The new option can only be used with Uber’s luxury black service.


As per Uber SA, the company states that the feature has not launched in South Africa – “At this time, these features were only rolled out in the USA, [and] while we are always looking at new features and products, this is not something we are looking at launching in South Africa at this time.” – Uber Spokesperson

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