You can now have real virtual sex with Oculus Rift Sex Simulator (so sad)

oculus rift

This was bound to happen eventually, but to be honest now that it has I’m kind of questioning humanity and our incessant need to decrease the amount of time spent with people in real life. Someone has gone on to develop a sex simulator for the fairly far out virtual reality headset Oculus Rift.

In short, the headset connects to a robot arm that syncs up with rather crude virtual reality sex scenes to simulate the act of shagging someone. Basically, you’re supposed to be so immersed in the game that it will “feel” like you’re having sex with a real person. There’s no real surprise that this latest “advancement” comes out of Japan but according to its developers, is not intended for commercial use (yet).

Although there is no nudity in the video below, it does feature an asian man rubbing his bits against a robot arm while staring at a screen of a naked Streetfighter-esque looking digital chick… and that’s sad enough to deserve a NSFW.

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  1. Must be hard weird to be shagging an animation in VR while you really shagging a machine in room full of strangers… weren’t Slhores Born for this reason so men wouldn’t have to do this? kak sad, a red card offence.

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