You can now buy wine for your cat

cat wine

As if cats weren’t already living the high life, obsessed owners can now purchase wine for their feline friends. Yes indeedy, the Japanese have been at it again and have now produced a wine variant for kitties to enjoy, while relaxing on the couch in the sun after a hard day of doing nothing.

Pet supplements company B & H Lifes has produced the concoction from the finest Cabernet grapes, mixed with Vitamin C. Thankfully, it doesn’t actually contain any alcohol, but it does include a generous dose of catnip to give your kitty that same euphoric feeling you get when you knock back a glass of red.

The cat wine retails for about $4 a bottle and was apparently developed for people who want to celebrate high holidays such as Christmas and special events like birthdays… with their cat. Right… that’s normal.



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