You Can Now Buy These “Ripped Jeans” For Just R1700 A Pair!

R1700 for these? Bargain of the century

If you’re a slave to fashion like I am, you’ll know that ripped jeans are making a big come back, having been worn at by just about every attendee of a festival near you. What we certainly didn’t see becoming popular were these particular “jeans” from CARMAR Denim, which are referred to as “extreme cut out jeans”.

The craziest thing about these denims has to be their cost – a cool R1700, for what is clearly the handiwork of somebody that got a little bit overzealous with a pair of scissors, cutting out most of the important bits. CARMAR describes the jeans as: ‘a high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back’. Haha lol.

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