YNU Present: PH Fat live @ Origin + Chris Taylor(CT) / Digital Assault(CT) / Veranda Panda and more!

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. It’s this out the box thinking that separates YNU from the rest of the pack.

With music deeply entrenched into our souls we create experiences where people let go, release, rejoice and celebrate life with each other as individuals. Our aim is to host an event that embodies pure bliss, ecstasy and elation. Presenting a showcase, fusing music genres and innovative ideas with the generation of tomorrow.

Durban is now prepared to steady themselves for a breath-taking all-out attack on the senses as YNU heralds the re-awakening, the dawn of a new era. We’re pulling out all the stops and collaborating with the crème de la crème of the clubbing fraternity to bring you one of the largest mixed genre events Durban has ever seen.

Origin has an other-worldly feel: it’s as if once inside you’ve been transported into a twisted fairy-tale, absent of all law and order. This night is about losing your inhibitions, escaping the normality of reality and grasping the opportunity to be infected by this warped musical explosion. It’s about bringing music and people from all walks of life together for one night of absolute pandemonium.

The artists:
♥ PH Fat(CT)
♥ Chris Taylor(CT)
♥ Digital Assault(CT)

♥ Veranda Panda(Live)
♥ Sketchy Bongo ft Sheen Skaiz(Live)

♥ Amigo
♥ Kallisto
♥ MD
♥ PsYnapse
♥ Bjorn Mohr
♥ Vitamin E
♥ Hendrik Joerges
♥ Trenchfoot
♥ David Woods
♥ Matt Bryson
♥ Jay Tweek
♥ Versatile
♥ Clayton Knott
♥ ScattafiX
♥ Alex Mottura
♥ Rogue
♥ Dyl Griffiths
♥ SmileyJ

Cover charge:
R60 pre-sold(limited)
Door price TBC

BBM: 29DA322B
Twitter – @YNUevent
Instagram – @ynuevent

Want to gain free entry / bar tabs / bottles? Add us on BBM / Whatsapp to find out how; 29DA322B / 078 053 7953


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