Y?GEN Apparel launch their online shop! Giving back has never looked so duidelik.

all pics by @indexfinger88

The Cape Crusader, YoungstaCPT, burst onto the music scene in 2010 and has been soaring ever since.

As a respected artist and arguably the best rapper in the country – his clothing brand – under the guidance of his brother, Maruwaan Emandien, began to take flight.  

After a decade of holding it down as the most explosive local-brand in Kaapstad, Y?GEN Apparel has finally launched their online store & all your favourite garments are now available for purchase at the click of the button, for delivery, anywhere in the country.  Click the link below to begin your shopping experience…

With so much negativity looming, here’s an inspiring story that exudes positivity as local-brands and individuals come together to selflessly give back to the community. This is exactly what Kim Davidson & Sharnick Khan (Kim-K Apparel), Maruwaan Emandien (@ygenapparelcpt) and Ismaiel Isaacs (@IndexFinger88) did on the 23rd May in Hanover Park. To give you a bit of insight, Sharnick is a factory and local apparel owner who produced thousands of his own rendition of the government-approved facemasks and assembled a team to go out and distribute them, as well as, much-needed non-perishables, to those who are facing the crippling effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Follow their journey @kim_k_apparel_capetown and continue to support local businesses who truly care for this city. 

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