Yet another Sexy Groovy Love filled with jubilance and breathtaking music!


Review of  Sexy Groovy Love 2018  by Lu Makoboka

If you arrived during the late afternoon of Sexy Groovy Love’s ‘Back to the Jungle’, there is a high chance you were robbed +-45minutes from your time by virtue of the endless line. But the moment you made it past those white picket fences, you’d understand why your wait was worth it and why the event garnered so much attention.

Emerald-green grass decorated the landscape with chromatic designs placed at specific locations to emphasize a sort of fantasy land. The reason I am mentioning this is that the first thing anyone notices at a festival is the appeal of the venue. Even though it was quite far from the ‘Jungle’ theme the organizers were going for, the venue was incredible and offered guests’ vast lands to explore.

There was even a cute little dam nearby and during sunset, it looked as if diamonds had hovered to the surface thanks to the effect of the golden hour. It’s always a pleasure when venues are designed in a manner where there is a variety of things to do, not everybody wants to spend hours on the dance floor. Sexy Groovy Love truly hit a sweet spot when it comes to making sure all their guests have boundless selections when it comes to comfortable spaces.


And for those of us that do like to spend hours on the dance floor… The artists made the dance floor almost like a sonic sanctuary by the way we were getting blessed with filthy and riveting drops. When I arrived, I continuously asked the people around me “WHO IS THIS PLAYING?!” until I met someone who knew. It was the German native Ben Bohmer and his set left me with a huge smile plastered onto my face.

From what I can remember his music was melodic and drenched in atmospheric textures which suited the mood at the time. Later things got a bit heavier and a tad bit darker; I’m not just talking about the transition into the night but the music too as Siphe Tebeka (SA) graced the stage. The dance floor actually started becoming quite full at this point signalling that people were very receptive of this. By the time Thor Rixon (SA) was playing that is when I noticed the dance floor at its peak. In this instance, there was quite a wide assortment of music as Thor took 2000’s RnB/Pop tracks from Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot etc., and flipped them into techno anthems. Other acts that were present included Richard Marshall, Lady M, The Other DJ’s, and Chris de Vos.

After people see the photos of the event it would be very hard for one to not have FOMO if they had missed out. Overall the festival was amazing and I would love to go step further and say it was perfect with the choice of the lineup and venue, especially since it was quite a social atmosphere where it was very easy to meet people. The next instalment of Sexy Groovy Love will be taking place on 2nd of February 2019 and it probably would be in your best interest to get your ticket now already.  

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