Yes, this sexdoll WAS sent into Space

sex doll in space

An adult entertainment site by the name of organised a space mission for one of the inflatable sex dolls in their range named Missy. The test, which launched the sex doll 31,000 metres into space using a hydrogen-filled balloon, was aimed at showing Missy’s resilience to the harsh and unforgiving conditions of Space before returning to the earth.

The doll was launched into space at Lake Tahoe, on the border of California and Nevada, ascending upwards at around 426 metres per minute when finally at an altitude of 31,090 metres her helium balloon burst, thus beginning her tumultuous journey back towards the earth. When she landed back on the ground she was missing an arm and a leg, which is still pretty impressive considering that Missy survived heavy winds and cosmic ray radiation 100x of that on the earth’s surface.

So basically you can be pretty sure that whatever sick shit you need to do to this doll it’s not going to break during or after coating yourself in vaseline.

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