Shimmy Beach Club is proud to be hosting the inaugural ‘TUTUFEST’ concert on the 26 February 2017. Performances by South African musical legends Goodluck, The Kiffness, Brett Aitken, Alice Phoebe-Lou and James Copeland will set the tone for this incredible charity event, along with the debut of BRYNN, a brand new all-star local band.

A group of kind individuals have worked to put together a fundraising concert in partnership with Shimmy Beach Club. A number of artists have kindly volunteered their time to perform, as have a numerous companies who work behind the scenes at events like these. From sound equipment to soft-drinks, people have done whatever they can to assist the cause. This promises to be a great party as well as a chance to help raise funds for those children who have been left alone in the world. ‘TUTUFEST’ builds on the work of Nikki Harding who raised funds to secure the future of Ayola, a young boy who was orphaned days before Christmas last year.

Four-year-old Ayola Mofu was orphaned by his father. His mother, Caroline, was a popular member of staff at Backyard Cafe in Constantia. She had worked hard in her own time to formally qualify as a chef, all the while raising a young boy whom she loved unconditionally. She was murdered the month she would have graduated from Capsicum, and the same month in which Ayola was due to start pre-school.

In the aftermath of this senseless act, a number of people came together to do what they could to support Ayola and to safeguard his future. Nikki Harding, who had first employed Caroline, began to raise funds to help this young boy through life, a cause to which people have rapidly rallied. Ayola’s name has also served as inspiration for this initiative: to support “All Young Orphans Left Alone”.

In an effort to do more to secure Ayola’s future, and other young orphans, it was initially planned to hold a fundraiser in a friend’s home. But, as Ayola’s story became more widely known, interest and expressions of sympathy grew in numbers, and more people wanted to get involved. A large group of supporters had planned to summit Lion’s Head in tutus, although as the interest in this charity grew, so did the need for a bigger venue.

The funds raised will be devoted to securing the future of Ayola, and those children like him.  Donations in excess will be made to like-minded charities, especially those focused on supporting and educating your South Africans including: Mandela Legacy Foundation, Desmond Tutu Foundation and Just the One Foundation.

Performances on the day will include GOODLUCK, Alice Phoebe-Lou, The Kiffness, Brett Aitken and James Copeland, amoung other surprise acts.

Tickets for the event are available via NuTickets and will cost R295 for general access, and R495 for VIP. Each guest will receive a tutu on arrival and are encouraged to wear them during event.

For VIP couch pocket bookings, please contact Kelly via tickets@shimmybeachclub.co.za.

Follow the conversation about the event via #TUTUFEST or for more on Ayola at #ForAyola.

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