YØRFATHER’sCityByNight mix


 You all heard the last yørfather mix. Well the guys are back at it again with a new February mix called yørfathersCityByNight mix.

Download it, stream it or turn it as loud as you can. Either way, this set is going to blow your mind and thats no lie. For those that didn’t see the past blog post on MCBN, then take a look at their biography:

“When mechanical land mammals mate with reptiles from the depths of the oceans abyss and produce babies; the deformed foetuses swim upwards towards the ocean’s surface. They breach out of the salty waves , grow a set of phoenix wings and fly towards the sky. As the demented gill- mammalled reptile birds reach the clouds they explode and all that’s left is a tidal wave of acid rain pouring down upon civilisation. This insipid splurge of toxic parasites devour the human eyeball and sap the ear of all its vital liquids; leaving it limp, shrivelled and pining for a man fluid. No-one’s ever been a fan of Chinese instructions, but these “Open box with care” guidelines on the side of a fresh pack of “YØRFATHER” leave the man-on-the-street  hoping he won’t hit the expiry date before the pork turns bad”

 Yorfather by night by yørfather


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