X-Men title sequence recreated with stop-motion (so rad)

If you are roundabout my age, you’ll remember waking up super early EVERY Saturday just so that you could watch K-TV (to perve over Candice haha) and catch the latest episode of X-Men. It really was one of the best cartoons ever to be made and gave the kids of my generation our first taste of how Homeland and Dexter would keep us watching every episode by taking about 3 weeks and episodes to resolve a fairly minor conflict, like killing a baddy while teaching a lesson in how to be a good mutant/person. Now, as a tribute to the cartoon theme song and its unbelievably cool intro, a fairly awesome stop motion video was released by a fan a few days ago.

Taking over 2 months to complete, using action figures, 60 hand drawn background images and over 4000 individual pictures, this is one piece of Youtube goodness that I can definitely get behind. Enjoy!

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