WOWee ONE- What A Crazy Little Device

This lovely little device got dropped off at my front door the other day and I can’t tell you how much fun I had exploring the different sounds the bass can create on different surfaces it was placed on. Basically what it does is act as portable bass speaker for iPods, iPhones/Blackberry’s, Laptops, MACS, portable DVD player. The WOWee ONE uses a new patented Gel Audio technology which turns ordinary surfaces into subwoofers. They retail at R599 and can be brought through the website or you could give us a shout and we can hook you up as many as you wanted.


I ended up running from the kitchen counter to the dustin bin, to the front door then to the fridge. I was running around like crazy kid on Christmas sticking it to every surface I could. I must say that I found the wooden kitchen cupboards had a very deeper resonating bass, it almost made you feel like you outside the club but made a very insane sound effect. The counter was a marble one and literally swallowed all the sound which wasn’t ideal so we moved it to the table in the living room and from a very soft sounding speaker it literally fulled the whole room up as the bass kicked against the living room table.

 I had a choice between the white and the black and chose white, because it looked slicker. I had to lend it to a mate to see what he thought and I had a suspicion that he would come back with the same views I had:

I have never had so much fun playing with the WOWee One, the bass on this thing is ridiculous for it’s size. I am more than impressed with it’s power. I think the fact that it can be used through pretty much any portable device makes it that much more useful and easier to carry with you. The device itself is very cool, looks good and worked like a charm. I wish I didn’t have to give it back to Kreg

Some features of the WOWee One:

  • The WOWee ONE is a compact portable speaker unit which provides a full range frequency response.
  • The unit is intended for use as both a fixed and portable solution for all iPod, iPad, mp3, mp4, mobile phone and computer applications.
  • The WOWee ONE uses a hybrid technology of a standard speaker that delivers the mid to high frequencies, and a Gel Audio™ driver that delivers low end Bass frequencies.
  • The extended low frequency response of the Gel Audio™ speaker out-performs any similar size device by producing bass frequencies around 3 octaves below the low end cut-off of a traditional unit.
  • The unit is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and can deliver up to 20 hours of playtime per charge.
  • The unit can be recharged via computer USB or a 5V USB power adapter using a plug.
  • Blue LED display indicates the power being ON/OFF and an Orange LED display indicates the charging status of the unit
  • A built-in audio limiter allows the WOWee ONE to handle a wide dynamic range of signal inputs

To find out more about WOWee One, you can find them on their website, Twitter and Facebook:

WOWee One website: (click here)
WOWee One Facebook Page: (click here)
WOWee One Twitter Page: (click here)

As I said earlier, they are retailing for R599 and you can purchase them from the website or give us a shout and we will hook something up for you.

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  1. This little guy is insane!!! You all need one, seriosly the coolest thing on the market! 🙂

    Drop us a mail on if you are keen to buy one and dont dig the online purchasing vibe… BOOOOOM!

  2. Looks super cool!

    What happens if you are dying to hear some Justin Bieber on the beach, and you dont have anything to stick it to? Does it sound kak? That gel pad must be sticky, what happens if you drop the speaker in the sand? Is it buggered?

  3. Can I stick it to my numberplate to make it go ‘grr’ like I got to twelves in the boot??? (No pun intended)

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