Would You Stand Your Ground Against An Elephant Like This Guy Did?

Some serious nerves of steel from this ranger

Thankfully I’ve never been faced with a charging elephant, let alone any animal while being out and about (ok, maybe like this one time where a dog chased me and then I had to tell it to ‘tsek). Apparently, you’re not actually supposed to run anywhere and should instead stand your ground, which tells the wild animal that you’re the dominant one in the situation.

Local safari guide Alan McSmith decided to practice what they preach and by standing his ground against a stampeding elephant, showed it exactly who was boss. It’s absolutely unbelievable to watch, considering that the elephant would completely crush McSmith if it so desired.

Check it out:

Wowzers. I’ve definitely got to hand it to him for having the know how and balls to do that. I’ll hopefully keep this in mind, if this ever happens to me (although I’d probably just pass out from fear).

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