Worst prank ever – Youtuber pretends to blow up his son in front of his mom

blow up my son pranl

Roman Atwood is notorious for putting together fiendish pranks that often involve absolutely terrorising his wife. In his latest offering the Youtube prankster goes through the process of setting up an elaborate hoax in a bid to shock his wife into wetting herself (or whatever) by pretending to blow up their son.

As far as pranks go, this one is pretty messed up. I’m sure no parent ever wants to go through what it could be like losing a kid in an accident, which is why this video has already racked up millions of views from people around the World.

That explosion was a LITTLE bit over the top and should’ve tipped off the wife in my opinion. I guess when you’re there in the moment, the last thing you’re thinking is – hey I wonder if I’m being pranked by my idiot husband right now.

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