World’s heaviest man gets married


Ok so this was on Discovery channel last night and I just had to share it with everyone… He weighs close on half a tonne and cant move further than from the confines of his amazingly strong bed- So what’s the best way to get him in front of the alter??? Pop him on a flat bed of course!


Here’s the timeline of fatness for this larger than life (hehe, couldnt resist that one) celebrity

1965: Born at 3.3 kg (7.5 lb)
1984: Age 19: 121.5 kg (266 lb)
1988: Age 23: 127 kg (280 lb)
1990: Age 25: Weight skyrockets to 184 kg (406 lb).
1995: Age 30: Recorded at 248 kg (546 lb).
1996: Age 31: Tummy tuck sloughs off 88.9 kg (196 lb), reducing his weight to 160 kg (350 lb).
1999: Age 34: Weight jumped to 502 kg (1,106 lb) in just three years.
2000: Age 35: 552 kg (1,218 lb), even though another tummy tuck removed 72 kg (158 lb).
2006: Age 41: Reduced his 597 kg (1,316 lb) to 552 kg (1218 lb), due to a diet.
2007: Age 42: Loses 181 kg (400 lb). Weight plummets down to 381 kg (840 lb).
2008: Age 43: Lost a little less than 12 kg (26 lb), now weighing around 369 kg






You’d better think twice before you order that double cheese burger with extra fries and ALL the sauces 🙂

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  1. dont tell me not to order all the sauces with my double cheese… i run this town bitch. literally, i jog, try it, fat bastard!

  2. It kind of looks like his wife is a midget as well… what a combo. @Taryn good to hear we have another fan 🙂

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