World Sports Betting: 5 Most Popular Types of Rugby World Cup Bets

This article will point out the most popular kinds of bets placed on the Rugby World Cup, taking place in Japan and those in the future.

Rugby is an easy game to understand. It has two 40 minutes halves which are played by 15 players on each team. Easy enough, right? Since Rugby Union’s inception in 19th century England, 101 countries actively participate in the sports while many of them have adopted it as their national sport. The first Rugby World Cup was held in 1987 in New Zealand and Australia, so Rugby World Cup betting is arguably still quite young, but that hasn’t and won’t stop those who love the game from gaining something out of it for themselves. 

We’ve got a list of the top 5 most popular types of Rugby World Cup bets and a little breakdown on what the bet is about – this should help you decide on your choice as we lead into the final games of the group stages prior to the knockout rounds.

We’re backing the Bokke as Grand Final and Making it to the Final’s on our bet slip. Take a look below and decide for yourself:

Grand Final Winner 

The way it sounds really, this is a popular bet in this realm of online sports betting is to bet on which team you think will go home with the Cup by the end of the Tournament. 

Making it to The Final 

If you are not ready to choose who will win you could potentially increase your odds by betting on which team will make it to the Final of the Tournament, which has been a popular Rugby World Cup bet for almost as long as it has been held. 

Match Outcome 

This is also known as Money Line online Rugby Sports Betting. Betting on the outcome of any particular match, especially when your country is playing, is a popular choice all over the world. 

CR Hat Trick

The fastest hat trick in Rugby World Cup histoy ???

Posted by Springboks on Wednesday, 9 October 2019

The Handicap Bet

One needs a good grasp of what Handicap Betting as a whole before applying it to your Rugby World Cup betting process. When an online sports betting site offers a handicap it is done as a means of levelling the playing field based on everything from the team’s history, backing and current form. The underdog is given a kind of virtual backing, with a point already awarded. Meanwhile, the favourite to win starts with a deficit, so they have to beat the underdog with more than the handicap or deficit implemented by the bookmaker. 

Top Try Scorer Bet 

The Top Score Try Scorer is a bet that stretches over the whole competition, you have to pick who you think will score the most tries throughout the entire Rugby World Cup Tournament. This is a favourite among true Rugby fanatics who know the players, their abilities, their weaknesses and how they handle the pressure. There is a lot of winnings to be made here, especially if you have your eye on a golden boy that pulls through till the end. Oftentimes penalty tries are not counted in this kind of Rugby World Cup betting. We’re already got our eyes on Cheslin Kolbe and Bridge from New Zealand, let us know who your favourites are!

Cheslin Finish

Cheslin out on the dancefloor in yesterday's match ?#StrongerTogether

Posted by Springboks on Saturday, 5 October 2019

If you wish to start your Rugby World Cup betting on a user-friendly platform visit the Sunbet Rugby World Cup Betting page. Here it is all laid out for you to see and the only thing left to do is to place your bets! 

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