World Rally Championships!

I have always been a big fan of the World Rally Championships (WRC) as long as I can remember. I would have to say that I am Petter Solberg fan, even though he doesn’t win much. I think its because of that lovely little Subaru he drives. The things I would do if I got behind the wheel of one of those babies. I guess we’ll leave that up to the imagination, but this year things have changed a little for me about the WRC.


They have allowed Kimi Raikonnen and Ken Block to drive. I got no issue with them driving, but do they actually deserve to be there? Block hasn’t gotten a single point this season, I could be wrong but I dont think he has one single point. Kimi on the other hand has around 14 points and is middle position on the log, at 10th, but still hasn’t shown much potential. Maybe its to early to call. Why don’t they allow better drivers from lower leagues to drive in the WRC? I must say I love what Ken Block can do in a car, not on a rally track though… maybe he should be left doing his own thing, the Gymkhana.

Gymkhana is an automotive sport that takes place in an open field or parking lot, that requires that driver to skillfully manouver their cars around a series of cones, slaloms, 180 degree turns, 360 degree turns, figure eight turns or any other obstacles using extreme accelerating, breaking and drifting.

Similar to autocross, Gykhana course are very complex and mesmorizing the course is usually a significant part of recording a fast time.

Now that is some mad skills right there, but like I said, maybe he isn’t suited for the rally track like Solberg or Loeb. Loeb is a real rally driver and has been driving for Citroen for the last couple of years since 2003 when they first signed him. The man is unbeatable, winning six world titles which gives him the record for most consecutive wins on the circuit.  I think 2 weeks ago was one of the first times ever I have seen him crash. Solberg damages that beauty of a Subaru every single race he races in, well almost, okay… I think thats pushing it, but he hasn’t had a very good season this year. Speaking of crashes, I was taking a look through Youtube at the most hectic crashs from the WRC… you got to see this…

Pretty mean hey, some hectic crashes in there… but you hardly have many deaths from WRC races, besides the likes of legendary Colin McRae. These guys know exactly what they are doing and have done it for long enough to know how to handle the car, the track and weather conditions around them.

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  1. With Kimi, what you have to consider is that, firstly, this is his first Championship. Secondly, Citroen gave him Loeb's 2008 spec rally car, and he only has 17 member team behind him, whilst Loeb has 70 plus. Whilst this is understandable given that he is the new kid on the block, this puts him at a disadvantage.

    So for him to be on 14 points in his maiden season is nothing to scoff at.

  2. Rummey: thanks for clarifying, I thought I was a huge fan of the WRC but guess there is more stuff that I should have thought about before writing this. So thanks for your info, but what are your thoughts on Ken Block? Does he deserve to be there. I didn't know Kimi was working with such a small team, nor did I know he was using Sebastians car from the 2008 rally. maybe I shouldn't have jumped the gun on the amount of points they have and give them the opportunity to race their first season through without passing judgement!

    PS: Imagine what it would be like if we put Onaj and Ricky ByNight into one of these bad boys together…

  3. Ken Block is more flash than anything, to be honest. He's the first American to race in the WRC, but he's never won the American championship series. And, contrary to what people think, he has raced in the WRC before (as a privateer) and never got any points back then either. And I think he's older than 40, so I don't know if there's room for improvement.

    Don't get me wrong, not trying to be assertive here or anything, but I just think Kimi is, well, god. Consider the fact that when Michael Schumacher had his farewell with gifts in his (supposed) last season a few years ago, and interviewer saw Kimi wasn't at the event and was ambling about, so he asked "Kimi I see you're not attending Schumachers' farewell speech?"

    To which Kimi, visibly pissed, replied, "Yeah, I was taking a shit"

  4. Yeah Ken Block is amazing at what he does, on the gymkhana track but not on the rally track, think its completely different and as you say he hasnt even won the american championship races. Room for improvement, jeeez, he is going to need to do something special. He hasnt even looked like getting a point.

    As for Kimi, I can see where you coming from and a very classic response from him regarding Shummi's farewell. So Rummey, what you are saying is should give Kimi another season and keep my eye on him? Just hope Solberg throws his weight around a little more, he is slowly becoming an average rally driver!

  5. Solberg has had too many bad seasons and as a fan of subaru I think they should drop him and look towards jwrc for fresh blood, loeb is in a different strata, I just hope that the wrc diversify the tour and bring a stage to africa, where the cars can really be tested in some of the hottest parts of the world.

    I don't know how ricky and I would fare but I do know my limitations, so I would say BRING IT ON and then try not to kill myself 🙂

    Ps nothing wrong with testing if the roll cage works 😉

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