World Cup… Experts say there will be enough beer


When this little tid-bit of news came in I think that MyCityByNight, most of South Africa and all of the tourists destined for our shores during the World Cup did one big cheer- all in unison- like when Nelson Mandela was released from prison.

Unlike when the Lion’s Rugby tour came down to Cape Town and South Africa last year and I was unable to get a beer from Paulaner in the V&A Waterfront because the entire multi-thousand litre underground tank supply of sub-zero ale had been polished by the barmy army and friends.

“There’s no need to worry, guys. There will be plenty of our beer for all the fans during this period,” said Norman Adami, Managing Director of South African Breweries- the global brewer based in South Africa supplying 9 out 10 of the beers guzzled down in eKasi (home).

I’m just glad someone has stepped up and taken responsibility for one of the most important things about this upcoming World Cup… The beer supply! 🙂


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