Woodstock’s vibe is coming up in the world and places like HomeTown are leading the charge.

We were invited to come check out a brand new spot in Woodstock for an evening of food and drink. Little did we expect the jol that was waiting for us!

If you are anything like us, after hearing the name Home Town, you immediately burst into Adele’s hit song “From my Home Town” which of course, immediately gave us a warm, welcoming feeling even before entering the venue for the first time.
Walking into the venue we were greeted by some friendly staff and a noticeable vibe. Spirits were high with loads of people on the balcony and some awesome music playing out of a caravan in the middle of the restaurant, which I later found out that it had been turned into proper DJ booth.
We took a short tour around and see some more friendly faces on the balcony, which boasted a beautiful view of the gorgeous Table Mountain.
After eventually sitting down, we examined the food menu which hosted an impressive range of delicious hearty foods with a traditional South African twist. We’re talking Vetkoek & Curry Beef Sliders; Butter Chicken Curries; Pickled fish with hot cross bunny chow; HT Burgers with craft beer battered onion rings. Sides include bite-sized Chilli poppers dhatjies and cheese snacks with fynbos honey & Kaapse Kimchi!

Have you ever?

I knew nothing of the menu but was recommended the Home Town Chicken Wings as a starter, so after not much convincing we order a plate which came with 4 pieces of crumbed chicken wings.
Ok, stop right here… Dear LORD Almighty, they were delicious! 10/10 kind of stuff…  I swear I could live off these things. They came as 4, so don’t order them if you plan to share with someone. You’ll want all 4 to yourself. Trust me, relationships can and will be broken over these wings.
For mains, I, being the very adventurous person I am, order the HT burger with salt and vinegar chips. Now I’m somewhat of a connoisseur of the old 2 buns and Patti, but I must say, as far as burgers go, these guys know how to put one together really well.
Now with a full belly, we switch on the merriment and start drinking. I again, being a man of extreme adventure, decide to venture into new territory and try something that can’t be drank out of a bottle… I ask for the most popular cocktail.
Next thing I know, the master mixologist, Kevin Harwood himself jumps behind the bar and whips us up a banging Margarita on the house. It’s now impossible to move back to beer after drinking that sweet, mischievous nectar. A perfectly made cocktail that brought ALL the gees along with it.
Music is going, people are now dancing and there is a massive vibe all of a sudden. In a blink of an eye, the place went from vibe rooftop bar to a bouncing dancefloor inside, with some of the funkiest beats coming out of the disco caravan.
From the moment we walked in, to the moment the music went off at 12am, we had a blast. I personally love seeing Woodstock becoming home to places like Home Town. With more cool places to visit, I can see the area becoming as popular as any of the hot spots in Town, like Bree or Kloof. These little gems are becoming more popular and it’s a refreshing to see and experience something new that has plenty character and doesn’t break the bank account.
All in all, super lekker vibe. Stupidly good chicken wings (must try). Atmospheric. A great addition to Cape Town’s scene. Lekker for after work drinks, birthdays, date nights or even a quick solo bite to eat.
Find them on Facebook: here
Or call them to book your spot: 082 364 6464
Find them in Woodstock – right here: 40 Woodlands road

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