Woodstock Mafia- Electric Light (New Music Video)

I’ve been doing my utmost to listen to all of the demos, mixes and music that we get sent on a daily basis here at MyCityByNight in the hope that we’ll be able to give a platform to the “next big thing”. Its meant that I’ve listened to everything from light acoustic to jazz and deep house in my quest to find the newest and hottest talent on offer. The guys from Woodstock Mafia sent me their latest video offering and I’ve got to say it’s pretty good.

The director/editor/writer for the video “Electric Light”, Ric Shields, slaved away for 6 weeks in post-production to get the video ready. Ric works at Platypus Productions as an editor, and convinced his colleagues to join him on this very creative process with a budget of only R12 000. Ric was able to create a dark comic style post-apocalyptic Cape Town, with the heroes  (Woodstock Mafia) leading the masses against the evil New World Order (like we do here at MCBN hehe). Apparently the song is really about the freedom of information bill that  was proposed.

What do you all think?

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