Wont you take me to… Tequila Town


So yesterday one of my good friends Shana came to me with a nifty little proposition that centered around the words…  “You can come through and taste the best that the tequila world has to offer”- she could have stopped right there and I would’ve already been sold. She didnt… and let me just say the promise of dancing Mexican cattle herders did seem a little bit far fetched in retrospect.

I digress…

Tequila Town is Cape Town’s very first tequila pop up bar and what it basically offers is the opportunity to sample some of the world’s best tequila variants on a fully guided taste tour as well as enjoy some of the yummiest cocktails out there that have tequila as their main ingredient. As this is a pop up bar, Tequila Town will only be open for 3 months (just in time for World Cup) and will add Cape Town’s name to list of cities like London and Sydney, that have had this aweso Town’s very first tme experience available to them before.


Its situated at 39 Buitengracht street on the corner of Castle street and their selection includes imported brands like Seite Leguas Blanco, Mezcal, Dantano, Herradure Blanco to name but a few as well as locally distributed brands such as Patron (MyCityByNight‘s personal favourite- oh like you’ve never seen the levels), Cuervo, Olmeca, Sauza, Corona and Stella Artois.

It opens in May and we’ll be organising a little MyCityByNight taster visit with details of this to follow!!!



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  1. James, dont you worry we’ll make a big mission there as a crew (obviously have a taxi secured for lifts home) and have a BIG evening doing tequila tasting…

    I heart Patron!!

  2. patron goes down easy but gives me heartburn…

    give me the real raw tequila anyday… i want the stuff speedy gonzales drinks!

  3. hahaha and thats the stuff the scares the hell outta me! But hell, lets do it when Tequila Town opens up… its only going to be seasonal for the World Cup, so lets make the most of it! 🙂

  4. Hey Anthony, thanks for dropping by and letting us know. We are really looking forward to this and cant wait to taste EVERY little bit of Tequila you guys have over there…

    Have joined the fanpage!

  5. Kreg… you need to get over your fears and start drinking more tequila- it might put some MORE hair on your chest and possible reverse your hair colour- then again I dont think you'd do well as anything other than a ginger 🙂

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