Women Give Advice How To Get Lucky On The First Date

Women Give Advice How To Get Lucky On The First Date

These days, dating has become incredibly difficult partly because of how freakishly crazy 90% of the people on dating apps like Tinder turn out to be. To try and assist guys who are hoping to make the best of their first date with a potential lover, the people over at StupidCupid decided to head on over to Arizona State University and ask some random girls if they had any advice.

They literally found as many random women as possible and asked them what guys could do in order to better their chances of getting lucky on the very first date. The only thing is, literally none of it makes sense.

See if you can learn something from the video below:

Right. Well that was wholly and utterly confusing. These women never give it up on the first date but are providing tips on how to ensure you get lucky? From what I can tell, as long as you’re courteous and nice to the wait staff you’re in with a shot. Now to find someone willing to go on a date with me…

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