Women and the New Age of Self-Pleasure.

Ladies, what a time to be alive. Never in course of history have women been more “on top” and in charge. We are opening up about what works for us and what simply doesn’t and what we will and will not put up with – from our spouses, our colleagues, our leaders and, of course, the media. Women are putting our foot forward in just about everything from sports to business, entertainment, medicine and even in self-pleasure. That’s right, 2017 saw the year of “#vaginaomics”, a bustling period where women have been leading the way in innovative, practical and aesthetically pleasing sex toys.

Toys and specifically vibrators have come a long way in the past century – from having less than positive beginnings in the medical industry to being shunned in the 1920 ’s and then revived again in the 60/70s when the taboo surrounding women’s sexuality finally started being challenged in just about everything from pop-culture to music and literature. The era also saw the invention of the Hitachi Wand – known as the Cadillac of vibrators- which was widely embraced by the female public and changed the concept of what a vibrator toy was and how women viewed them. Adopting toys at the time became a symbol of a women’s independence and liberation and by the 90s, thanks to Sex and the City, Oprah, and even the New York Times, vibrators were being sold everywhere.

For years men dominated the industry and although they were supposedly marketing products for women, they weren’t really designed for them. Instead, the products of the past represented a male-centric approach with often hyper-anatomical replicas which made the products very unapproachable to the majority of women. While there definitely was (and still is) a market for women who enjoyed the more raunchy toys, most modern-day babes were looking for something more suited to their anatomy and needs, and of course, something absolutely fabulous looking.

In the past few decades, women have been more open to admitting that they need more stimulation than their male counterparts, they are comfortable to ask, in fact, dictate their wants and needs in the bedroom and beyond. A study in 2015 detailed the positive attitudes millennial women have towards open sexuality and self-pleasure – the Director of Education and In-House Intimacy Expert for epi24, Alicia Sinclair says “millennial women are more comfortable than their older peers with using sex toys to explore their sexuality”. What’s also encouraging is more and more female designers are beginning to get involved and dominate the sex toy industry, finally producing the sassy, girly gadgets we want- like the undeniably cute and smartly designed Satisfyer Pro Penguin that never reveals it’s true purpose and boasts 11 settings of mega pleasure.

With women starting to take the lead in the self-pleasure products, we’ve seen a rise in devices so practical, discreet and beautifully designed. Owning your very own intimate gadget isn’t something to be ashamed of in fact some of these modern day products are so visually appealing you wouldn’t want to hide it in your bedside dresser and you wouldn’t need to either. A great example is the gorgeous JimmyJane Love Pods recently added to my online store – designed and produced by a brand that strives for sexual well-being and sophistication. Until very recently these products lacked appeal for the less discerning explorer but all the Jimmyjane products embody modern, discreet and appealing designs. Toys like this combined with the perfect intimate lube will put the “moan” in alone time!

The modern market is bursting with new products and brands to help women break their sexual barriers whether flying solo or with a partner. So get out there ladies and head on over to my online store where you can explore your fantasies and shop amazing items on sale now! For more information about the Jimmyjane products read on right here and be sure to use my exclusive code (MYCITY) for 10% off when you shop for the first time on my online store!

Until next month!

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