Woman tries to do cornrows by putting actual pieces of corn in her hair

We're pretty sure that's not what they meant when they said "cornrows"

We’re huge supporters of people wanting to express themselves, through how they wear their hair, but to be completely honest we think the woman in the video below should maybe have a careful think about her style choices.

In the clip below a woman seems to be taking the internet through her process for getting cornrows in her hair, by, wait for it… actually sowing kernels of corn into her hair. The reactions of the couple watching the video, make this all the more hilarious – you gotta stay tuned for the bit where the guy takes off his sunglasses, puts them on his head and replaces them with a pair of actual glasses, just to make sure he’s seeing things clearly.

We haven’t laughed this much in ages:

As long as she’s happy with herself and how she looks right?

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