Woman Quits Her Job In The Best Possible Way

If you were thinking about giving up on your job have a look at how this woman decided to break the news to her boss

quit job

I’ve had some terrible jobs/bosses over the years and there were many days that I contemplated going full crazy and quitting my job in the most spectacular way. The woman featured in the video below did just that and decided to quit her job, telling her boss what she truly thinks about him and the how freaking terrible he is at being a manager.

There’s not much of back story, but it seems like the woman in question really, really hated her job causing her to quit with a completely over the top demonstration of frustration. In the video she walks out of the restaurant raving and ranting, before dropping her draws and mooning everyone in there telling them to go suck her dick. For added drama she also adds in a couple of ass slaps before completing her resignation.

What an inspiration to us all…


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