Woman In A Wheelchair Wins Treadmill On “The Price Is Right” Gameshow

Woman In A Wheelchair Wins Treadmill On "The Price Is Right" Gameshow

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It seems as if things like this happen all the time on American gameshows, which if we all brutally honest, makes them even more of a lag to watch when you’ve got nothing else to do. In a recent episode of “The Price Is Right”, a lady by the name of Danielle Perez from LA was lucky enough to win a treadmill. The only problem with all of this, was the fact that she was in a wheelchair and didn’t have any legs.

Thankfully she thought it was a complete laugh and posted a picture of herself on the show on Twitter with the caption:

When you win a treadmill on national TV but you have no feet.


Danielle said that there was a bit of an awkward pause from the crowd after she found out what she had won, but this was edited out of the final aired show. She also said:

It was funny because the audience got a little quiet. Like you could feel the audience go, ‘Wait a minute, that is not appropriate’ But it was so funny. I had such a good time.

I was like, yes I want it! I don’t need it at all! But I want it. Now I can use my Nike fitness band on my treadmill. I’m really excited.

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