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In the wild, wolves are known to roam great distances, so it’s only natural for The Wolfpack to expand its hunting ground onto new surroundings. On Tuesday, 13 January, 24 Central in Sandton welcomed a brand new pack of wolves to start up the New Year.

Bringing cool to corporate, The Wolfpack caters for wolves from all terrains and preferences – ranging from the hearty, meat eating Wolf of Wall Street all the way to the lighter vegan health wolf. The “Fresh or Fried” side order makes it all that much easier to stay health conscious by ordering from an array of tasty fresh side salads. The pack will happily remove the bread bun from your burger, should you wish to cut out the carbs.

Offering 13 local craft beers on tap together with a mystery tap, the choice of drinks leaves no wolf howling for more. A wide selection of top-shelf booze and cocktails are available for those who prefer drinks aimed at the more delicate tongue. The bar-snack menu trickles flavour and choice, like no other.


The Wolfpack Sandton is the brother restaurant of the now famous Parkhurst store – a burger and craft beer establishment that was the first of its kind in the area. Now expanding it’s hunting territory, The Wolfpack’s new store struts a sophisticated and unique interior.

The perfect terrain for a lunch meeting, after work drinks and bar snacks with colleagues and clients, or an evening of feasting… whatever it may be, The Wolfpack will feed your hunger.

Go and indulge your inner wolf.


It’s a dog eat dog world out there, so we advise that you book your spot:


Telephone: (011) 7836562

Address: 24 Central, Corner Gwen Lane and Fredman Drive, Sandton


Trading hours:

Tuesday – Saturday

11h30 – 22h00

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