Wolfkop’s Lilo River pub flow is a killer way to spend your weekend

WolfKop Festival (1)
If you were in doubt over exactly what you should do in the Western Cape this weekend in order to have the best possible time, Wolfkop’s Lilo River Pub Flow is the puzzle piece you’ve been looking for. In essence this is an event centered around H20 and good times and features a unique, multi-bar offeriing on the banks of a deep, still river in the picturesque Citrusdal Valley.
You’ll have the pleasure of soaking up the rays during the course of the weekend with a selection of Cape Town’s finest DJs that have been hand-picked to make sure that you have excellent aquatic fun all damn weekend. Beautiful electronica, deep house and techno will be the name of the game – so if that’s what you love, go and grab a ticket now!
Event details:
Name: Wolfkop Weekender – lilo River Pub Flow
Date: 17-19/01/2014

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