Wolfkop Weekender : Power Flower Picnic 2015

Wolfkop Weekender
Wolfkop Weekender : Power Flower Picnic brings you Daedelus & Felix Laband LIVE.

It feels like just a few weeks ago we were thanking everyone for making Lilo River Flow such an amazing experience in January, and here we are already, rolling out details for the next Power Flower Picnic! We’re excited to announce three days of music, kicking off with a full compliment of artists on Friday night.

Power Flower Picnic will take place on the riverbank of the Olifant’s Rivier, and while it might be a bit chilly to dip into the river this time around, she will be rushing full and fast past our celebration on the dancefloor. We can’t wait to host you once again, and welcome the warmer weather with our annual salute to the new season in the Citrusdal Valley.


Daedelus LIVE
Felix Laband LIVE
Dino Moran
Black Book
Rebel Clef
Valve State
Card on Spokes
dj low
Cabin Crew
Bruno Morphet
Helmut J & Ryan Sullivan
Private Life


Alfred Darlington, a native of Los Angeles, California, makes his African debut with us at Wolfkop Weekender, and we couldn’t be more delighted. A longstanding member of the Dublab, it wasn’t long before his leftfield, off pitch sounds were being taken note of by record labels as prominent as Ninja Tune and Warp. He stands out in electronic music for his innate ability to fuse organic instruments like bass, piano, accordion and guitar (all played by himself) into intricate electronica that is as beautiful as it is brash, melodious as it is melancholic. With well over ten studio albums under his belt and association with labels as esteemed as Brainfeeder, Alpha Pup and Stones Throw, this truly marks the arrival of one of the godfathers of intelligent dance music. A pioneer and master of the Monome, seeing Daedelus live is something that people don’t easily forget, seeing him on a river bank will make memories that will last a lifetime. Daedelus plays Saturday at 7pm.

Felix La Band

There are few words left to write about Felix, especially in the South African sense. He seems to have been indiscreetly scrutinised by almost everyone who has any interest in electronic music, and for good reason. His fourth album ‘Deaf Safari’ – released earlier this year on Compost Records – embalms his reputation as one of the world’s great sample addicts. He stands as a master of re-imagination, almost every nuance of Felix’s music is another idea, mauled and manipulated until they meander through his sonic soundscapes like ghosts in the haunted houses of folklore. Impractical to pigeon-hole and impossible to predict, we choose to do none of these things and simply invite you to see him live with us, if you were at the last Power Flower Picnic you’ll know he has a knack for the space. Felix plays on Saturday at 6pm.

Tickets Available from Quicket:


These tickets are a full weekend pass and give you access to the festival and the riverbank for all three nights. Camping is down stream from the festival site and is in one of the most beautiful glades on the Olifants River. Your own camping gear is mandatory but you will still be furnished with hot water and flushing toilets. A very comfortable place to camp, we guarantee!

LUXURY CAMPING (limited) [R950]
This includes a festival pass, three nights on the river bank and camping upstream from the festival site. Here is where you can leave your tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows at home. On arrival you will be ushered to a two man tent that is part of a three tent village (i.e. six people per village). Access to electricity all weekend at your village is included as is a toaster, hot plate and kettle as well as hot water and flushing toilets. We highly recommend getting a crew of six together and making a village of friends to spend the weekend together glamping it up in style! Price is per person sharing.


Friday: Gates open at 3:00pm. You are welcome to arrive, set up camp and take in the fresh air and lush landscapes before Ashton Gardner fires up the rig at 5pm; we suggest you take the afternoon off work and get here early! Bteam turn us off at 2.

Saturday: At 9am all the yogis joining us are welcome to attend a free yoga session on the lawn with Lara Roux.  At 10:00am Rebel Clef kicks things off at the stage for a full day of sonic frolics by the river. We can’t wait until you see and hear what we have up our sleeves for you. The beat goes long into the night with Bruno Morphet turning us off at 2.

Sunday: At 9am Lara takes another yoga class, and back at the stage TripleFire Music kick things off at 10:00amand the music goes on until 6pm. We encourage you to stay for a full day of festival fun.  We will also be hosting the lads from the Citrusdal Hotel and their Magical Lamb Spit again (remember those?). Those who can are welcome to stay over on Sunday night, at no extra cost.


– A fully-stocked bar will be available all weekend.
– Food truck vendors and stalls will be available on site throughout the festival.
– Lara Roux will host a guided yoga class at 9am on Saturday & Sunday morning by the river
– Freshly-squeezed, free orange juice will be available for everyone, all weekend. Feel tree to taint with your favourite tipple with the good stuff.
– The water in the valley is drinkable and delicious so leave bottled water on the shelves, where it belongs.
– Bring your wellies and an umbrella, in case there’s a spot of mud or rain.
– Don’t forget! A headlamp or torch for night-vision afterdark.


Weather: Temperatures can go up to 30 degrees during the day, however, it will still be extremely chilly in these hills at night so prepare to dress warmly for evenings. We suggest you bring layers of clothes and a warm jacket and beanie for the evenings.


We are at the mercy of the weather gods. If the weather is terrible the EVENT WILL BE CANCELLED. The entire festival line-up will be presented in a day/night party at a venue in the city, as a separate event. In the event of a cancellation, you will be able to receive a refund ex. booking fee, or alternatively keep your ticket in your pocket, as it will get you the equivalent access to our next Lilo River Flow in January.

Please note; we will only cancel in the most extreme circumstances; this clause is here in case they occur. A cold front in the Citrusdal Valley can be a very unpleasant occurrence, if it’s not a full front, we will go ahead as very much planned.

Website: http://www.wolfkopweekender.co.za/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolfkopWeekend
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wolfkopweekender
Tickets: https://www.quicket.co.za/events/10299-wolfkop-weekender-power-flower-picnic-2015/#/

Join the Wolfkop crew as they welcome the warmer weather with a dance in the wild flowers

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