What Was Winona Ryder On At The SAG Awards?!

What Was Winona Ryder On At The SAG Awards?!

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Earlier this week we saw the Screen Actors Guild Awards take place where David Harbour gave a fairly rousing and politically-charged acceptance speech on the behalf of the cast of ‘Stranger Things’ who walked away with the award for best TV drama series. This naturally caused a bit of a fuss with the public, with the speech being shared thousands of times over by people who were anti-Trump, but thanks to the antics of Winona Ryder during the speech, it seems like this is pretty much all that is going to be remembered about it.

During the speech Winona Ryder proceeded to do a whole bunch of weird things with her face, which led tons of viewers from around the world to question whether she’d dropped a tab of acid, not thinking she would win anything, but then having to go up on stage to accept the award while she was tripping balls.

Check out the full speech below:

Look, that was pretty strange and certainly didn’t go unnoticed on social media:


Yeah I don’t know either. What I do want to know is where I can get some of whatever she took…

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