WineWeb- buy your wine & bubbly online (they deliver)

We are fairly big fans of drinking here at MyCityByNight and when a company comes along that makes the process of getting drunk a whole lot quicker and easier on the pocket, we rejoice for days…

What the folks over at Wine Web have done is offer up an online service that allows the discerning (or clueless) wine lover to choose from a wide selection of wines, ciders and bubbly for delivery anywhere across the country. That’s right you never even need to leave the couch to enjoy a lovely bottle of Chardonnay (except to answer the door when your delivery arrives).  In addition the site is partnered with the SA Wine Directory in order to provide you with a bit of an education on all things winey, including listings of the latest wine related events, reviews of new wine varieties as well as unbiased accounts of the plethora of wine farms in South Africa.

I found the site to be relatively easy to navigate and the also had no problems with the order and delivery of my choice. It really is refreshing when I come across local sites that have got the whole e-commerce formula just right, so I figured that this one was worth a shout out. Wine Web really is a valuable resource for both the connoisseur and every day wine drinker and I definitely recommend that you check it out. Maybe even upskill yourself before a big date and sound like you know what the hell you are talking about.

WineWeb- from you finger tips to your lips

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