WIN with Smirnoff and Explore Your Night


You know you love your city, and you know you want to #ExploreTheNight!

So, we giving you a prize to the value of R10,000 to do just that with 5 friends!

1st you will eat at a great restaurant!
2nd you will party the night away at a great club with VIP treatment!
3rd you will get to stay a lekker little hotel to enjoy a good rest afterwards!

All while using the Smirnoff #ExploreTheNight cab service!

How do you win this awesome?
Tell us the best way to #ExploreTheNight in your city if you were a tour guide! The place you’d go, the faces you’d show and people you’d call your bro!

Comp closes on Monday 26th January 2015 at 5pm.

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  1. Wow, where do we begin. I think we would start off with some drinks at Shimmy, then we would have to take them for an amazing sunset and some sundowns, possibly Caprice or The Grand Cafe & Society, then head off for a quick drink at somewhere like Tjing Tjing rooftop or Grand Daddy. Then we will head off for some supper, I’m thinking Karibu to give them a flavour of South African food (provided they are foreign) while gazing upon Table Mountain. When we leave we can watch the local acts do there thing in the courtyard.
    After eating we will then we would hit Long Street, true Cape Town legend, we can stroll along visit the different place while meeting people along the way. Stop in at the likes of Zula Sound Bar and Fiction, the list is endless.
    Then we can make our way to our hotel to get a good nights rest and possibly do it all over again the next day. #ExploreTheNight

  2. A limo ride with your friends through Josie city – visiting historical sites, visiting every club in town and downing a shooter for every place visited. #ExploreTheNight

  3. cape town is just awesome i would to explore everywhere i don’t know but mycitybynight will make it happen BIG UP BIG UP CAPETOWN

  4. Right!

    Tjing Tjing on Longmarket Street or Le Roi in Camps Bay for Sundowners.
    These two places are best enjoyed with the fashion blogging crowds – Sandiso Ngubane, Malibongwe Tyilo, Tara Johannesen and the likes.

    HQ or Cape Town Club in the CBD for dinner.
    These spots best enjoyed with local beauty faces such as Liezl vd Westhuizen, Thandi Kupe, the Expresso presenter team.

    Motheri’s Ruin (Cape Town’s newest Gin Bar) or Orphanage for after dinner drinks.
    Siv Ngesi would totally kill these moments – delicious drinks with great laughter go hand in hand.

    Sy Yves or Club 31 or Coco for ending the night with a kick-ass VVIP party experience.
    Here you call in the big guns. The PR crowd – Girl About Town, Marina Nestel of Little Black Book.

    Literally you can’t get in Cape Town any spots that are any more cooler or present themselves with super chilled beautiful people who are stylish and know how to turn it up with sublime ease.


  5. 1. start off with lunch @ Shimmy beach Club
    2. table mountain sun set cable car
    3. we can to the open air threate
    4. roam the mother city long street
    5. supper @ HQ
    6. Edward street depending where dj jaryd is playing
    using the Smirnoff #ExploreTheNight cab service to get around!

  6. Restaurant would be San Julian, because everyone leaves that place feeling festive and ready to party after some Mexican food and margaritas!

    The clubs we would have to be Caprice for a good cocktail, then Coco and Club 31 to bring out them heels on the dance floor.

    Lastly, it would be time to crash at a funky hotel, like the Fire and Ice Protea Hotel

  7. Firstly, I’m a Durbanite studying in the Mother City. Secondly, I’m a student so my mates and I are always broke.

    To start off the night we would have R100 all you can eat sushi at Edo sushi in Obz to line our tummies before a night of heavy drinking. We would then head to Caprice for some sun downers and to set the mood. We would then head to Fiction/mercury/assembly depending on the day or where the jol is 😉 Then the night will be topped off with an after jol snack at McDonald’s because everyone knows micky d’s is a drunk man’s manna 😉 Then off to the hotel to recount the night’s funniest moments and then drunkenly pass out.

  8. Cape Town is such an amazing city there are so many sick locations to have the most amazing night. I would start of with pre drinks and dinner camps bay side. Then move to long street for the night making sure to visit Assembly and Side Show while in town. Then finally i would hit Mont Tin Roof/Tiger Tiger to end the night off. I would be ecstatic if i got this 😀 😀

  9. Some may not associate Jo’burg as the place to be. But its a wonderful place and as a student there are many places to go that are affordable #bonus.. I would go site seeing and a visit to the theater is a must. Go from club to club and get my drink on. Maybe spot some local boys such as Matthew Mole at places like Kitchners.Ending night of at Randlords is a must to see the beautiful Night lights. #ExploreTheNight

  10. Right, we’re going to start off with sundowners at The Grand Cafe in Granger Bay, followed by dinner at Pepenero in Sea Point. After that we’ll make our way to Bascule Bar for a little whisky tasting followed by a trip to Dizzy’s in Camps Bay for some karaoke. After that we’ll head down to Long Street and explore Slug & Lettuce, Sgt. Pepper, Beerhouse and the rest of the classics along the strip.

  11. If i was a tour guide and was about to show my guests how to #ExploreTheNight in the Mother City, first off we would hit up a sunset cruise from the Waterfront on Tigress then catch the last rays of the sun from the Cape Wheel to see views of the city we are about to explore. Dinner time would be an experience at The Test Kitchen in Woodstock taking our taste-buds on a journey. Next off we would make our way down to infamous Long Street and grab a local craft beer from Beerhouse before making our way over to the Absa building for some breath-taking views and a bit of a party at 31 Nightclub. Lastly we get to rest our heads in the whimsical trailers in the airstream trailer-park located on the rooftop of The Grand-Daddy hotel.
    And that’s how to #ExploreTheNight in Cape Town with Smirnoff and MCBN.

  12. #ExploreTheNight I’ll start with La Med Restaurant in Clifton where the food is great and the atmosphere is romantic. Then i’ll go to Shimmy’s Beach Club in the V & A Waterfront. Awesome music with different DJ’s and live entertainment., beautiful scenery and a vibe you will never forget. Then a night in the Westin Hotel , where you can look out of the window and see the whole of Cape Town Night life and the sun coming up. This would be awesome .

  13. ht I’ll start with La Med Restaurant in Clifton  where the food is great and the atmosphere is romantic. Then i’ll go to Shimmy’s Beach Club in the V & A Waterfront. Awesome music with different DJ’s and live entertainment., beautiful scenery and a vibe you will never forget. Then a night in the Westin Hotel , where you can look out of the window and see the whole of Cape Town Night life and the sun coming up. This would be awesome .

  14. The day would start with an early morning breakfast at Vovo Telo @V&Awaterfront. Then we would go on a boat cruise to Robben Island. After that grab a snack at the the popular V&A market. Then get a picnic basket and some champagne and head off to table mountain’s sunset special. We would then go to the strip, camps bay for some ice cream at Sinn’s. To end of the night a stop at the bungalow for some relaxing deep house, sushi&cocktails. #ExploreTheNight #Perfect

  15. I would definately start off with drinks at Shimmy Beach Club and then head off to the waterfront for a ride on the wheel of excellence (around sunset time) to catch the beautiful views of our City. I will then head off to Pigalle Restaurant in Green Point for an amazing dinner which will include awesome food, wine, music and atmosphere. I would then party and dance the night away at 31 on top of the ABSA building in Cape Town. Wow, what more could a girl ask for. This would be a night of pure bliss. 🙂

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