WIN | Top award winning entertainment to wow SA in Madame Zingara’s The Celebration!


Madame Zingara’s highly anticipated spectacular new production, The Celebration, opens next month! The season begins on 7 July 2015 on Cape Town’s Grand Parade and thereafter transfers to Montecasino in Johannesburg for the festive season.

An unforgettable and invigorating sensory experience awaits in the world’s largest mirrored palace. After fourteen months of pre-production, the mind blowing show is expected to push the boundaries of dinner cirque theatre. The electrifying entertainment line up will be exceptional as the Theatre of Dreams pulls out all the stops and commemorates 15 years of Madame Zingara magic, once again pushing boundaries and achieving the unthinkable.

Directed by Richard Griffin, the founder of Madame Zingara and the creative genius behind the iconic brand, The Celebration production showcases performers from 11 countries and SA, including solo Cirque du Soleil aerial pole artist Saulo Sarmiento from Spain, the acrobatic Diabolo Girls from China, a slick Quick Change duo from South Africa and Argentina, a Ukrainian hand balance and contortion trio, a Korean teeter board act, the sensational singing quartet The Specifics, and so much more. The uber glam aviation goddess Cathy Specific, has touched down after travelling the world for two years, and returns in fine style to once again strut her stuff as theMC, bedecked in jewels and resplendent in gorgeous gowns.

Mind blowing pyrotechnics, advanced digital sound, intelligent lighting and a hot air balloon have also been added to the theatrics, taking the production to incredible new heights. Gearhouse Group, South Africa’s leading technical supplier, has partnered with Madame Zingara and the company’s involvement will further enhance the truly spectacular Celebration production that will hold audiences spellbound. Gastronomes will be equally delighted by a new mouth-watering four course menu, overseen by top Madame Zingara chefs Heinrich Koen and Linda Beuken.

The Queen of Flanders is a three storey high 650 seater hand crafted mirrored palace, boasting upper level balconies, opulent interiors, and dripping with decadence. Built in Belgium by the acclaimed tent master Rik Klessen and Family, it is the biggest of its kind in the world. Think 3200 mirrors, 6 tons of aluminium, 5.2 km of steel rods, 30 tons of galvanised steel, 70 000 floor screws, 1800m of velvet and 1200m of gold tassle, and you have an indication of the vast scale of the 12m high plush venue.

Lighting design is by Mannie Manim, choreography by Sam Kotze and Craig Leo, who is also responsible for stage design, the vocal arrangement is by Glenn Swart, and the senior wardrobe designer is Nikki Smuts.

The Celebration runs Tuesdays to Saturdays from 7 July to 26 September in Cape Town and at Montecasino in Johannesburg from 22 October to 31 December 2015. Arrival time is 18h30 with guests to be seated by 19h30 for the start of the show at 20h15. Tickets range from R650 to R1250 per person, which includes welcome drinks, canapes and the four course dinner. Booking is via 0861 623 263 or Advance booking is highly recommended.  Please note the age restriction: 16+

Competition Time:

Would you like to win a 2 tickets to the Media Launch on the 9th of July, which includes the highly anticipated show The Celebration, canapes, welcome drinks upon arrival and a decadent 4 course meal? It’ll also include wine, beer and Bubbly for your table!

Comment below and tell us why you enjoy the show, and why you deserve these tickets!

Winners will be announced on Wednesday Morning.

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  1. Everything about this show seems so intesting. The acts, the food, all the entertainment. The tent itself is magnificent.

  2. I wouldn’t say I deserve the tickets, but I really, REALLY want them and if I win them I will make sure to let everyone know of my undying love for MyCityByNight in the form of a written review of the show and a kiss on the lips for both Craig and Kendrick (and whoever else is keen).


  3. Everything about this show seems so interesting. The acts, the food, all the entertainment. The tent itself is magnificent. I have been following the set-up of the tent at the Grande Parade on social media and I would like to experience the show in all its splendor.

  4. I have been to two Madame Zingaras the last time they were in CT. This time the Rand is low and my bf has never been because he didn’t date the awesomeness that is me when they were here, shame. I told him that we should maybe tap into our savings and go but saving to buy a house doesn’t allow us to part easily from our money. So July, it’s my birthday month. No celebrations this year, just birthday cake with 32 candles and hopefully a flower. To experience this with him would be more than epic. Brother man is a foodie and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he tucks into the 4 course meal. I’m there for the show and the after party though. Yup! I’m the first one to “wikkel” my boude on stage when the show’s over. So ja, this is why I would like to win. To experience this with my person, my best friend, my rib. x

  5. I love these shows as for just one night we can be magically whipped away to a time more whimsical, where our inner child and breathe freely and deeply the atmosphere of fantasy and fiction. In our day to day lives we are so pragmatic we forget that our imaginations and our innate creativity is what grows us a people. Let’s feel more and think less people..

  6. My BAE and I have never been to Madame Zingara. We specialize in acrobatic sex shows at home and need to learn new moves. Please help our cause. I’m tired of just doing hand stands, need super moves. Oh and I love wine and champagne and long walks on the beach: MY NAMES JEFF XX

  7. My girlfriend and I are both huge fans of the Madame Zingara franchise and would love the opportunity to experience the new show on CT shores!

  8. Being whisked off to a night with the most incredible performances, by incredibly talented artists, topped off with an delectable meal is the perfect winter remedy. For a few hours, to escape into a world of “celebration” with the person closest to me would be miraculous.

  9. Wow, how I wish I could win this prize. Everything about Madame Zingara sounds magical. From the performances which I heard is out of this world, to the decedent food and luscious dessert! Words cannot describe how amazing this evening would be if I had to win. I would love to be able to treat my boyfriend to this theatre of dreams. An evening where we will be transported to a fairy tale. Xx

  10. this would be the perfect date night for me and my other half. I’m leaving overseas for six weeks and we are trying to do as many creative date nights as we can before that. In the midst of wedding planning,hard work and a stressful day to day routine this would really make or days, months and possibly year(s)!

  11. The Madame doesn’t just lead the #lovemagic movement, she lives it!

    I adore being transported to a fantastical world with her every year, where enchanting acts and decadent meals are aplenty and anything and everything is possible 😉

    Magic and entertainment are in my blood- I live, breathe, eat and sleep it and I deserve to be at the centre of it all, in the bosom of Madame Zingara once again – help this #lovemagic girl make her dreams come true, please!

  12. Madame Zingara’s Show is INCREDIBLE! It such a Vibrant, Anticipating, Magical experience to witness & I would so love to see them again now that they’re back in CT! I was Surprised for my birthday a few years back with tickets to the show & now I want to return the favor to my husband & Surprise him to this grand media opening 🙂 He would lose his mind I know it!

  13. I’d Love to take my bae Danni, as that weekend marks the official one year of us being together, it’s been a great year so this prize would tie into a truly magical 1-year anniversary.

  14. It’s always hard saying why one deserves something, but I’d say I deserve the tickets because I’ve been juggling so much over the last year, an escape into the magical world of The Celebration would be welcome! I was in awe of all the performances at the last Madame Zingara’s show (After Forever) and have followed all social media posts leading up to this new production. I am so keen to see the new acts and be totally enthralled by the magic.

  15. Wow. How I wish I could win this prize. Madame Zingara sounds just like the fairy tales we read about in our favourite childhood books. From the magical performances to the decedent 4 course meal. Everything just whispers, perfection. What a treat it would be, to experience this with my boyfriend. To take him to a place, much like heaven. Xx

  16. I’ve always wanted to run away to join the circus, unfortunately I got sucked into the world of adulthood 🙁 but hey I work in the ad industry which is a circus. I need some glitz and delicious food in my life so pick me and i’ll write a post and promote it 😉

  17. We would LOVE to go to this! My wonderful boyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary next week and this would just be the most amazing start to our celebrations. We love to eat and drink, but most of all we love a good time and as we all know, Madame Zingara sure does deliver! I’ve been to one show and I was totally blown away by the food and atmosphere. The entertainment is, of course, the highlight of the night and leaves you speechless! Please let us win and share this amazing experience together!!

  18. My dog shat on the carpet yesterday morning so I’d like something to cheer myself up. I think Madame Zingara tickets could do that for me. It’s a really awesome show, especially the woman who pours tequila down your throat. That could help me forget about the dog shit on my carpet, for one night at least…

  19. Look, I’m going to start off with being very honest and say that I don’t have a BAE. but I’m working on it, and I don’t think our long romantic walks to Mr video and our candle lit Mc Donalds meals would seal the deal. So help me crawl out of the friendzone with some dignity.

    I have never been to a show, but since it first came to Cape town I’ve walked passed it and my heart would break like a white suburban mom who window shops and wants nothing more than the new lekker Nespresso machine in that AD George clooney is in. If you want the definition of BAE that’s him.

    I’ve read 100s of reviews on the show and I’ve been promising myself I’d go since my last pay check in 2012.
    But eskom has not been helping and candles are expensive. (I only buy scented woolies ones BC I’m pretentious)

    And I’ll write the best review for the MYCITYBYNIGHT team.

    Craig. Don’t worry what I said about clooney. You are bae (if you and your team sponsor me tickets)
    I love you guys, forever.

  20. I have been dancing my entire life and so I just absolutely love any stage productions and of course this is not just any stage production!!!! I love the performers, the lights, the colors, the food and I go every year! This year however my gorgeous little baby girls first birthday party must take preference, she is the light of our lives and I can see that she is going to be a performer just like her mommy!! Me and her dad could really do with a beautiful night out, we haven’t had much time to do so as you can imagine!! Please please pick us!!!!

  21. I have never been to a Madame Zingara BUT have only heard the most amazing things about it and how much I would love the show.
    I love the idea about getting lost in another magical world for a few hours and letting one’s imagination run wild with amazing company, food and entertainment.
    Since I missed last year, I have been keeping an eye on when it would be opening again in Cape Town and winning these tickets would make my year!

  22. Please can I win so I can see how they are going to fit a hot air balloon in the tent??? That sounds like some Harry Potter shit, I’m into it.

    Also, this sounds really lovely and fun and something I could never conceivably pay for myself so tickets would be really rad.

  23. This is the most talked about show that i know a true gem at work, I would love to see this magical show I hear alot about it , I would love to win as this would be the only way that i would be able to see the show. I feel I deserve to win because I would really greatly appreciate the opportunity to be awarded to see the show. I can do with a night out on the town I so need a break from life and this would give the opportunity to dress up and let my hair down and just relax in the magical atmosphere.If i do win I’ll be the most happiest girl in the world!one of the websites ran a competition in 2014 and I entered in the hope to win so I was blocked from all the major email providers like hotmail, yahoo and gmail because I had created too many email addresses. I had calculated that from all the addresses i had created,i had about a 1 in 20 chance of winning and I was feeling lucky. The day the winners were announced, I sat down with a cup of tea and checked each email address one by one. My heart sunk as i went through them and as i came to the end, i discovered that i hadn’t won. I was beyond heartbroken 🙁 All my efforts had been in vain. I found out a few days later that there was a twitter announcement that if you enter more than once, all entries would be cancelled. I was so upset because I’m not on twitter so i didn’t know any different. I would honestly kill to go to this show and it would definitely make up for my big mistake for the previous show! Hopefully I’ll be a bit luckier this time!! –

  24. My birthday is on the 10th of July.. so what better way to celebrate than to be at The Celebration show and party into my birthday.

    I saw the show a few years ago, and was absolutely blown away with the talent. The vibe at the show before and after is something else. The food is amazing and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

  25. I have attended every Madame’s show that has graced Cape Town! The Madame’s circus gives you the freedom to relax, be mesmerized by the lights, the music, the glamor that is the life of the tent!

    When at Madame Zingara, you’re able to let loose and just be! The show is out of this world, the food is world class, the characters are top class humans, and the vibe is just ecstatic!

    Also – I should win the tickets cause i need to kiss the Zingara Cow again!! Pics for proof of previous smooches 🙂

    ZINGARA <3 for LIFE!!!

  26. This winter I had a European summer tour booked that included passes to Glastonbury and a week in Croatia at Garden Festival which I am actually meant to be at now! I can’t get myself out of bed for depression that the weak rand and our shitty government thwarted my plans for EU dominance. The Garden Festival ends on July 7, it’s the day I was planning on getting up for the first time, I feel this will be a good introduction back into society. It would be nice to treat my girlfriend Michelle to this too as she has been such a good bed nurse, rolling me spliffs and feeding me froot-loops to ease my troubled mind. And if I win I’ll make an exclusive MCBN DJ mix the next day, as the second thing I do on my feet since the troubles began. Me. Pick me.

  27. The show just sounds too good to be missed. It is something my girlfriend and I would absolutely love to go to. Just the sheer magnitude of what to expect has got me so excited!! Please MyCityByNight, make my year!! 🙂

  28. So guys my BAE and I been dating for a month now and last night she found out that she’ll be moving to JHB and to the USA thereafter. This has put major strain on our relationship as we where just getting to know each other. Since July is the last time we will be together i want to make each and everyday memorable. This girl never gets the opportunity to be spoilt and an opportunity like this would mean the world to her. In addition both of us have never been to Madame Zingara so it would be the most amazing experience / send off for me and my girl. So please my city by night give me and my bae this chance to have one last incredible moment before she departs. Signs Viwe

  29. Part of going to Madame Zingara is that you get a chance to dress up in your glad rags and all your bling, boa’s, tiara’s etc. No such thing as over dressed at MZ that is part of the fun. A night to enjoy and to let your hair down while being entertained by world class artists and gourmet food. The chili chocolate fillet was always my favourite on the menu. MZ a well oiled machine teamwork and team spirit.

  30. This would be a sweet starter to Celebrate Steve Voigt’s Birthday! (11th July)

    All our friends say we would both love the show…sadly neither of us have ever been!

    Make this happen mycitybynight!

  31. I need to disappear into this magical world of Madame Zingara for the evening. It’s been the worst year for me so far – loosing my mum 2 months ago left me devastated so having a night with my husband at Madame Zingara and enjoying the best show and food out would be the best medication one can receive.

  32. I would love to go again because I had such an amazing time when I first attended the show while you were in Cape Town <3 ……… such a looooooong time ago ……… and I miss seeing RORY AVENDSTRUP <3 <3 🙂

  33. Just so much entertainment that keeps you glued to every detail it presents. From the singing to the acrobatics and the laughs and giggles all in an awesome cirque spectacular evening. As they are celebrating their 15th anniversary production I would really love to be part of this showcase and also to be one of the first to experience it the brand new 3 Story Belgian Spiegelpaleis.

  34. I’ve heard about this WAY TOO MUCH and never had the opportunity to attend. I’d LOVE to experience this and spend a night of magic with Madame Zingara with my Bestest Friend in the whole wide world ! We’ll both be SURE to spread the word about the amazing show! MyCitiByNight PLEASE rock my world with this prize !! 🙂

  35. Wow! I have never been to Madame Zingara’s, as much as I would love to go, as it sounds absolutely fabulous, amazing, spectacular (but too expensive for me to afford now) Im having major problems at work, so much short time 🙁 To get to go to this would make my year, an experience to take my mind off all the negative stuff going on and to relax, enjoy and get transported into another world…

  36. Eliminated from the media world, media launches are no longer a thing for me. Alas, this would be a real treat!

    The babe celebrates his 30th and considering my current state of brokeness just how much of mooiness would this be? I love midgets (weird, I know) and the last show made my life – seriously! The Green Fairy, armed with absinthe strapped me to a ladder and poured it down my throat. Needless to say, everything was magical after that. Including being lifted into the air in a cage. I’m just out here like – again, again!

    I’ll take along Banana(my camera) and happily spill words onto a page in my drunkenness, in the form of a review for MCBN if giving this opportunity.

  37. To name but a few reasons why I want to go: Ive never been but heard great things, it sounds bizarre, spectacular and fun, Id love to spoil someone special, it’ll make winter that much more enjoyable, I’d be able to use the experience as fodder for a cool blog post about it PLUS it’s a great excuse to get dressed up!

    I deserve these tickets because apparently I won a competition last year – and the even was CANCELLED! Outrageous! 😉

  38. You know what they say, ‘the third time is the charm!’

    I have been to Madame Zingara twice and it was incredible and different both times. Money that was definitely well-spent!

    I went there with a date (he was a bad date but the show was incredible!) and then again for a friend’s birthday.

    This time I would like to go with my husband! I’d like to expose him to this incredible show as we can’t afford it right now as he is unemployed.

  39. Being unemployed has many drawbacks… The most noticeable of which is not being able to impress bae. Gone are the days where the credit card can come out and bae will smile while the smell of raw tuna is dank in her mouth (from sushi of course). Now all that is left is McDonalds meals and King Steer specials. No more yoga classes or health shakes…

    Basically, bae is letting herself go. Sex has become more of a fantasy novel than The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe plus all those Big Mac’s and King Steer’s are making her larger than Kanye West’s ego. Her lack of pampering means that she’s starting to look more like a combination of Nicky Minaj and Jack Black…

    Please allow me to take bae out for a decent meal to make her feel like a woman again, otherwise can you please give me Madame Zingara’s contact number as I feel bae will soon be a new circus act.

  40. Considering that in the month of July I have my birthday. And the show is one of my favorite evenings to enjoy with friends and have a little dress up!! I would be most grateful to win this prize and should there be water baths again… Well I may just get wet…

  41. Good Day MCBN, This would be a Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick Prize to win, please consider me, i turn the BIG 30 today and have never been, what better way than to celebrate the start of my Dirty Thirties than to experience something of this magnitude, I’ve heard so much about it but never took the opportunity to go. Please Help a brother out 😉 Just reading the introduction has got me in AWE (not awe like us Cape Tonians say it to say Hello or Ok or…) “Mind blowing pyrotechnics, advanced digital sound, intelligent lighting and a hot air balloon have also been added to the theatrics, taking the production to incredible new heights” SOLD this for me!!! Good Luck to all the Entrants, really awesome Giveaway. My City By Night NEVER seizes to amaze me with all these CRAZY giveaways, Keep up the STELLAR work always!!! Much Love!!!

  42. I’ve always wanted to experience this, and I think this is not to be missed.

  43. I’ll probably be rewarded with great sex afterwards so please don’t deprive me. Thank you in advance.

  44. I don’t know who reads all this but I will make easy.
    WHO WOULD NOT ENJOY THE SHOW? * no one raises hands.
    If i was the ruler of the world life would be a Madum Zingara show.
    My boy and I would love this. Haven’t seen anything more entertaining than scandal etv because the boy likes to buy lots of skate shoes. Have been eating toast for weeks.


  45. This sounds absolutely amazing!! I would love to take my boyfriend to the show – it’s his 30th birthday this month and this would be an unforgettable experience.

  46. It is my birthday on 6 July – it would make my entire year to be able to celebrate with Madame Zingara as a belated birthday present!!!

  47. What an amazing evening this would be! A place where one can escape from the stresses of reality and just immerse oneself in a world of dinner cirque theater. From the costumes, the acts and of course the delicious food, one cannot help but desperately want a prize like this one. What I know for sure is that if I won I have no doubt I will be doing something along the lines of:


  48. life long fantasy!!!!! cos im special??? life is just sooo busy and extremey expensive , secret wish to be a clown……lol *pickme – *wink wink*

  49. I have never been but have always wanted to and I love live shows 🙂 Would love to take my boyfriend there as romantic date night! so #pickme

  50. Being a poor Jr account exec in Cape Town does not leave me with much money left over to treat myself to something like this. Madamme Zingara has always been on my ‘list of things to do’ but unfortunately more important things have taken its place (such as paying rent, electricity and food)
    I would really like this opportunity to be treated to this experience with a friend!

  51. I’ve never been to a Zingara show before but have always wanted to. I’ve heard all these fantastic things about the show and the delicious food and am dying to experience it myself but alas, the budget of a young 20-something does not allow for this 🙁 Please pick me so I can spread the word and see all the fantasy and amazingness for myself 😀

  52. Aaaaah this show is the embodiment of my inner party person! Excessively decadent food, otherworldly psychedelic costumes all encased in a gigantic, mirrored sphere of greatness. It’s heaven upon the Grand Parade..say whaaaaaaat!!! Also it just happens to be on my birthday..Whilst almost my whole family is away and I’m left alone to celebrate:( Make my quarter century birthday one to remember PLEASE!

  53. I am leaving beautiful South Africa in 2 months! Need to do as much fun activities as humanly possible, so need some help!

  54. Look, I could sit here and spin you some shit love sob story about why my husband and I must go watch Madame Zingara for the fourth time… But I won’t. I am not that person. Cut to the chase? We went to Madame Zingara three times in 2013. It was that great. Anyone who knows Madame Zingara or has been before need no explanation as to the absolute ultimate in food and entertainment there is on offer. It is like a disco ball full of glitter and someone in an adoring animal outfit whips it and explodes it sending trillions pieces of glitter through the air. It is a party and it has the full blown potential of possibly being one of the best nights of your adult life. Your kid life might have involved unicorns. But hey nothing is impossible at Madame Zingara! So basically MY HUSBAND AND I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO EXPERIENCE THE RIPROARING GLITTERBALL UNICORN FOODFLAVOUR EXPLOSION EVENING THAT IS MADAME ZINGARA. New premises, new acts… Gastronomically orgasmic and glitterglorious. Please? Manjefiek.

  55. Up until today, the word bae really got under my skin. Seeing it written in a sentence on Facebook or Instagram, generally resulted in an immediate unfollow. Today, I caved and finally Googled it. Thanks for the chuckle! I would love to check out MZ at the Media Launch, before anyone else!

  56. I’m supposed to comment why I enjoy the show, right? The sad thing is that I’ve never had the opportunity to see this magical show. Until now, thanks to MCBN (hopefully). The show sounds incredible, the food to die for, and winning this would mean more than you guys could imagine!

  57. I would love to attend the show, I am yet to experience madame zingara. Have heard great things about it however the tickets are out of my prize range:(((!!!

  58. I went a few times many years ago and have always loved it. There is something special about it that is very hard to put in words. It is a feeling that one gets that can only be achieved with the correct mixture of all the senses. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes and that hair raising feeling that one gets from the flawless production.
    What I enjoy about it?

  59. I keep hearing stories about how amazing Madame Zingara is, but that’s as far as it goes for me because I do not have cash money to buy tickets to attend:( I would live to experience it for myself and take my best in along:)

  60. Opulent, decadent, spectacular, a world class show in my mother city! It is very high on my bucket list to enjoy a memorable night at Madam Zingaras.

  61. Life is short and so precious…make every second count… I’ll just be adding this night out at Madame Zingara to my Bucket List!;)

  62. Madame Zingara is a magical wonderland of all things fabulous and, well, I NEED some magic in my life. This is on my bucket list and I would absolutely love every minute of this experience! 🙂

  63. Hello I would love this experience, will be a first for me there and would love to take my boyfriend out for a celebratory birthday dinner. Please pick me and make my day 🙂

  64. Honestly, I have never been to one show! I heard about it 3 years ago only. I got myself a gift set at Clicks last year and still hold on to my Mask :). So I’ve been following articles, reading blogs and watching clips about the amazing madam zingara and I’ve been hooked since 3 years back. It gives me a tingly feeling in my tummy lol, but times are tough. Beside it being my birthday month, I really would loooooove to see this show LIVE

  65. So say the so called Zingara ‘enthusiasts’… But surely an esteemed panel such as yourselves would recognise a card-carrying devotee?

    Known the dear Madame since she was a Miss have I. And a thriftless, chocoholic one she was too. With a penchant for the weird, I might add. Kept some strange company back then she did. Only for circus fame to go to her head of course.

    Doubt she’d remember me now… but a chance encounter at what promises to be her most extravagant event to date, could yet prove feasible. Perhaps, in the twinkle of a stage light or the glint of a juggler’s blade, we might cross paths once again.

    Do grant fate one last opportunity at a most serendipidous encounter gentlemen.

  66. There is a child within me that wants to come out. I believe in magic and i need a lot of magic in my life and this would be so so awesome.

  67. Wow I would so so love to experience a night at the theatre of dreams. Seems like such a magical and unforgettable event, one which sadly I’ve never had the pleasure of attending. I can’t imagine anything better than celebrating my mans birthday there too! And the prize to best girlfriend ever, goes to…. 😉

  68. Because a really bad week or 3 has to have a silver lining 🙂 and the first time I saw a grown nand squeeze through a squash racket on stage (at Madam Zingara’sZingara’s), I promptly tried it at home, ruining a pergectly good squash racket and bruising not only my face, but also my ego.. I’d love to see what stupid and fantastic ideas “The Celebration” zip puts in my head

  69. Wahahah, “nand” totally means “man” – note to self, check comments before posting!

  70. Every time Madam Zingara comes to Cape Town I dream and visualize of some kind person offering me a chance to see the best acclaimed show in the world. Without winning the competition I could never afford to be part of the excitement and spectacular evening that everyone raves about. I would love to share the evening with the cast.

  71. I have never been to one of the shows, because as a student I simply can’t afford it. I’ve googled information about the show, seen some pictures and heard amazing things from people who have gone. I would love to see the show for myself and share the experience with my someone special.

  72. Last year I wasn’t able to see the show with my twin sister as she had already been giving the awesome opportunity to see the show before me. But wow what a show from the lighting … The ambiance… The performers… The waiters… The food! Truly a SPECTACULAR and MAGICAL! Production. This year I won’t be in the country 🙁 to celebrate my birthday with my twin sister and would really just love to surprise her with a ticket when I return. So that we can CELEBRATE together 🙂 at the even more spectacular show. This would be a great blessing MCBN! **A DREAM COME TRUE **

  73. I would love to win this prize. I have always heard of how great the show is and it looked like so much fun. I would love to be able to spoil my wife to this wonderful show and of course the amazing food.

    I can still remember going to Madam Zingara when it was just a fun little restaurant in Cape Town for a friends birthday and he ordered the chocolate chilli steak. Not ordering one myself has haunted me ever since, so please pick me so i can treat my wife and my mouth to this awesomeness!

  74. I would absolutely love to be swept up into an evening of pure extravagance and mystique. It has always been a dream to see the Madame Zingara show, but the tickets are expensive although it is worth it.

  75. I have heard that this show is spectacurlar and I would like to experience it for the first time. They say after the first time you have no choice but to go everytime.

  76. EVERY time Madame Zingara is in CPT I say I want to go, but EVERY time I never manage to round up the posse. My case of FOMO is SO REAL right now, and all I want to do is smash that incredibly delicious food/wine/bubbly in my face while watch some of the best, most epic live entertainment around. I NEED this magic in my life – without it I’m just a 27-year-old going on 65. SAVE ME BEFORE I REVERSE BENJAMIN BUTTON.

  77. We thoroughly enjoy theatre and cirque displays and very keen to experience the true Madame Zingara experience. We are a big fan of the bombay bicycle club and company gardens restaurant. It will be me and my girlfriends 6 month anniversary. She is Mauritian, full of life, and would really enjoy this unique experience

  78. What a treat this would be! My squeeze would no doubt be super stoked and it would be an awesome experience! And I’m all in for the wine, bubbly and beer on the table too! Let’s get fezzy! P.S I wanna play with the MyCityByNight crew too!

  79. It would be a fantastic experience to share with my best friend and business partner, Catherine M xxx

  80. Hello MyCityByNight!!!! Please please pick me! Everytime this show comes to town I am always too late! I have heard such great things about it and I would love nothing more then to be a part of the experience!! Hope to hear from you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  81. I’ve heard great stuff about this show but haven’t been able to attend it. Pick me please… I would love to experience this magical experience!

  82. This will actually make my life! I desperately need a good night out and this would be the most incredible event to attend. I went to one in Joburg last year but I haven’t had a chance to go in Cape Town yet. Plleeeaassee pick me! I will be eternally grateful.

  83. I would love to take my Mum. She is just the best and deserves a beautiful night to remember!

  84. I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing this magical even but I’ve only heard great things from people who have, I would love to experience the amazing acts,the most delicious foods and a magical evening for 2.

  85. I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing this magical event but I’ve only heard great things from people who have, I would love to experience the amazing acts,the most delicious foods and a magical evening for 2. #4CourseMeal #MadamZingara #Win

  86. Would love to win these two tickets ! This show is amazing and i say this as i have never ever been ( probably the only one in my cirque of friends – see what i did there? )

    Besides the amazing performance and awesome food since it will be a media launch i will hopefully be able to meet the legendary team behind MCBN that has been keeping me update to date with the awesome news and events in cpt

    I got my fingers and toes cross to win these two tickets and to suprise my partner not only with the tickets but a selfie opportunity with legends of MCBN

    Hasta luego guys and goodluck to all entries 🙂

  87. Madame Zingara for our 2nd anniversary would be amazing! Our 2nd time seeing MZ, in the spanking new tent design would be epic! I can use many words to explain what MZ is and how much we loved it – some might even use the word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” – but the core of any use of a word is to explain an event that’ll blow your mind.. And we desperately want to go… Puuuuuhleeeease!!!

  88. Madame Zingara is bloody awesome. Brilliant entertainment and a class act show!

  89. I LOVE the show because of that indescribable Zingara Magic. The Magic that transports you to another dimension where anything and everything is possible. The Magic that allows you to get lost in a world of fantasy, thrill and adventure.

    I deserve some Zingara Magic because I am in the midst of preparing for the National Bar Examinations and as such, I have been imprisoned in the law library for three weeks straight. Worst of all, I face another two weeks of this mundane existence and am in desperate need of some inspiration and motivation to see me through.

    I could not imagine a better escape from the shackles of these looming exams than one night at THE CELEBRATION. Nothing but that one of a kind Zingara Magic could make next weeks’ exam worries vanish instantaneously, replaced by the sheer brilliance, mystery and wonder of the Magical Theatre of Dreams herself.

  90. It will be a Foot stomping, Belly Laughing,Awe inspiring,Magical,Quaffing Good Night

  91. The first time i ever came to CT, my cousin took me to the old, original Madame Zingara’s, I think it was on Bree street but can’t be sure as I didn’t know town at all back then. It was the most otherwordly experience – bellydancers and fire blowers, a gyre of carnies working their way through this most decorated, stylised place I had ever been, wisping one away into the realms of interactive theater had the amazing chilli chocolate steak not been so grounding. AND THEN 2 WEEKS LATER IT BURNT DOWN. Since then it has been out of my broke ass budget to make it to the travelling tent (despite a mate being one of the managers) and so it would mean a great deal to me if I can repay my cousin by taking her to see The Celebration, many years after that epic/tragic night.

  92. I would love to have the opportunity to watch this once in a lifetime show. The reviews, photos, comments, ooohhh and aahhhs that Madame Zingara’s shows bring, are incredible – to actually have the chance to watch one in person, would be 1 of my top 10 things to do in my lifetime, before I die.

  93. I’m going to be completely selfish in this and say I want to go and experience this because I just turned 30, I started a new job this month and I am stressed to the max feeling the pressure I’m placing on myself because of my age and where I am in life and where I thought I should be by now. A night away in another world with my boyfriends all dressed up and spoiled would be a true #TheCelebration and assist me of not going completely off my rocker. ; )

  94. Would love the tickets to go watch a good friend perform in the show. As well as watching the incredible main acts!!!

  95. The most important thing for me is to be a part of this and the prize is great!
    I would enjoy the show because its something unlike anything i”ve ever exoerienced before.
    Many friends and colleagues went to Madame Zingara last year and i enjoyed listening to everyone talk about their experiences, sadly i just couldn’t afford the tickets so this prize would be really amazing for me and i too could share my experience.

  96. The most important thing for me is to be a part of this and the prize is great!
    I would enjoy the show because its something unlike anything i”ve ever experienced before.
    Many friends and colleagues went to Madame Zingara last year and i enjoyed listening to everyone talk about their experiences, sadly i just couldn’t afford the tickets so this prize would be really amazing for me and i too could share my experience.

  97. this year more than ever, it’s one of my biggest desires to see how the team lives to worship and serve the madame herself with the way they express her heart, soul and being. i anticipate this theatre to be far greater than anything i would have seen before. it would also give me great honour to introduce my partner to the madame this way. i’ve attended every single theatre for the past 4 years and hope this year the madame will honour me to grace her presence with this gift.

  98. As a YOUNG, hard working CapeTownian Women – times are tight and entertainment options restricted to budget.
    AFTER 14MONTHS OF PRE-PRODUCTION PREP – I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO SHARE SUCH A AWESOME EXPERIENCE OF SUCH A MEDIA LAUNCH …THIS TRULY *unforgettable and invigorating sensory experience in the world’s largest mirrored palace.
    I WOULD LIKE TO BE APART OF the mind blowing show, TOGETHER push the boundaries of dinner cirque theatre.


  99. As a young entrepreneur building a brand of my own, I idolize The Zingara Group as a bench mark for their wholistic key touch points, their story telling and attention to detail. I would love to take my partner to experience the ideal benchmark of a successful brand that continues to create show stopping events worth living for!!! Pick me so we can learn how to reach for the stars and learn from the BEST!

  100. My husband is away on safari, he has left me behind. What better way to make him jealous and have a super fun girlie evening than going to the ultimate food, wine and show spectacular experience!!!

  101. We would love to be part of this spectacular show as it’s something we’ve never seen or experienced before (hot air balloon?!), watching international acts do things that don’t seem possible on a stage that needs to be seen to be believed plus a 4-course dinner sounds like a dream come true.
    We “deserve” to experience this as everyone needs to have their mind blown once in their life!

  102. I don’t have fancy reasons like anniversary, birthday etc. It is just something I have heard so much about and would love to experience if given the opportunity. Thank you.

  103. I just finished my first semester of studies and need a relaxing evening before I start again in august.

    From the year I moved to Cape Town (now 13 years ago) I feel in Love with original Madam Zingara in Loop Street. It was the magical catch up venue for me and my bestie(who is now pregnant), my sister was proposed to there and it is ground Zero for my foodie-ism.
    Since then I have followed the chain, been to every associated restaurant in the Western Cape but this is that month I start a new job… and this madam didnt budget for a rumble with the Zingara.
    A Brand loyal devotee who’s surname is Noah with a God baby on the way… 2 cities, 2 weeks, 2 tickets for Noah sounds like a Celebration!

  105. Iv never been to the show but heard amazing things about it and seen pictures. It’s looks spectacular! I would really love to win tickets to the jhb show, it will be a once in a life time experience please give me the opportunity to experience this show 🙂

  106. This is just plain sad and depressing. I have been living in CT for 9 years since moving here from PTA. I have not once attended as every time MZ makes a turn in our city I have a car that needs a servicing, a injury from Crossfit and so the list goes on. What is better that a free show and dance and grub??? NOTHING! Turn my luck around and pick me as the winner #prettyPlease! Ek vra mooi met n cherry on top!

  107. have not yet been there would make a awesome gift to the wife and would be a great prize please make me a winner

    1. Still sharing, sharing, sharing! 🙂
      Madame Zingara’s Show is INCREDIBLE! It such a Vibrant, Anticipating, Magical experience to witness & I would so love to see them again now that they’re back in CT! I was Surprised for my birthday a few years back with tickets to the show & now I want to return the favor to my husband & Surprise him to this grand media opening 🙂 He would lose his mind I know it!

  108. Madame Zingara is just out of this world, completely mind blowing. I love the show, because it is just different and so unique. The performers have so much experience and are so amazing. From funny, to musical to crazy, it is just such a celebration and no one should miss out on the experience. Dressing up, amazing food and exceptional artists all makes the show extra special. I deserve these tickets, because my husband and I got married 3 months ago and it is his birthday on 12 July. This would be an amazing way to spoil him on our first birthday celebration as a married couple ;). He always says he loves different…. you don’t get more different and awesome than Madame Zingara. Please pick us.

  109. what time will the winner be announced? sitting like a kid in front of a toy store till it opens to know! happy wednesday all. may the best person win!

  110. The winner has randomly been selected and contacted. Well done and thanks to everyone for entering!


  111. It’s unique and show stopping! I deserve it to spoil my ever supporting hubby to a fabulous night out 🙂

  112. I love the combination of delicious food and amazing show! I even contemplated having my wedding reception there! Such a great overall experience.
    I deserve to go because I’ve been planning my wedding and it’s been stressful and pricy and I can’t afford to go to Madame Zingara myself. Thanks 😀

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