Ultra 2016

The Ultra SA crew announced their second phase artists today and completed their line up announcements.

With that, we have 5 DOUBLE tickets to give away. 3 double tickets for Cape Town and 2 double tickets for JHB.

We’re keeping things very simple!

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  2. Comment below with your favourite LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL acts on the line up.
  3. IMPORTANT: Let us know which CITY you want the tickets for
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Winners will be announced on the 14th of December. GO GO GO!

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  1. Local Artist goes to Ryan The DJ and International Artists goes to Afrojack
    Would love to go to the Johannesburg Show!

  2. Skrillex is the Man. Black Coffee all the Way. Cape Towns where I want to beeee for Ultra 2016. 🙂

  3. The whole line up is AMAZING! But I’m most excited to see Goldfish, cause what’s a party without them? And Tiesto!! This is going to be one sick party in Joburg =D

  4. I would love to see Zedd & Pop Art Live! Zedd because I absolutely love his live sets & they all are filled with the insane amount of energy. I saw Pop Art Live last year at the local party in Johannesburg, I also got a chance to meet them! It was super fun 😀

  5. Skrillex is amazing and I love love love Pascal & Pearce. To be able to see my two favourite acts live in Cape Town would definitely be the best day of my life !!!!!! This is an amazing competition, going to share the heck out of it <3

  6. I would do absolutely looove to win double tickets to ULTRA SA 2016 in Cape Town. I have been for the past two years and it was absolutely incredible!!! ? The international DJ i am excited to see is TIESTO and local DJ is BROTHER ❤️❤️❤️

    Hope to be partying up on the DF with lots of tequila at #ultrasa2016

  7. So glad that Afro jack is back and have to see Dj Fresh and Euphonik again….those sets should be on another level. ??? Cape Town

  8. I would love to see Dj Warras together with Afrojack it will be blazing on stage. And may I have Johannesburg tickets!

  9. So as you can see in my title, “fuck yes I get that title for going to the last two Ultra’s” please please please take me and my beautiful girlfriend to next years 2 days of immense madness! Thus completing my life goal of attending a hatric of Ultra Worldwide events :O get the stoke on! Get out the sun shades, slap on some tan lotion, step into some party shoes and join us Ultranuts for the best thing to hit our shores in 2016 for two whole days! The International im looking the most forward to is Carnage!!! He has the greatest parties in Murica and he brings that hard hitting bass. The local Boyas, im always keen to see are my mates Chris Taylor and Adyn Jak skandi! These guys just know how to get the crowd going and definitely will be supported down South in Cape Town 😀 Hope you guys down at MyCityByNight can make my and me lass’s 10th of December and 2016, because we all know its not a good year until you’ve attended Ultra!!!!!

  10. I would love to see Zedd and that other guy live. Oh, there’s Mark Stent as well. I’m super-amped for this. Thus i want to win. I’m in Johannesburg and yeah… Erm, also Skrillex i want to do that Skrillex jump thing with him on stage or something… thank you! Love you bye-bye

  11. OMG! Skrillex and dean fuel at one event wish I could experience watching them live at Cape Town 🙂

  12. My fav local artist will be Pascal & Pearce and my international is definitely DASH BERLIN ?????? so amped.

  13. HEY MCBN, Thanks for the opportunity as ALWAYS!!! 🙂 Cape Town would be MOST Jas 😉

    Craving to see:


    Local DJ’s: BLACK COFFEE, Strange Loving, NightRider, Mark Stent and Gold Fish.

  14. I love galantis and black coffee… Please give me double tickets to ultra in job… Find me as davodmendes94 on twitter

  15. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    The international act i would love to hear is ZEDD and the local act would be PASCAL&PEARCE 😀
    Seeing and listening to both these artists' live sets would be mind blowing. I have to see for myself what they have instore next year! 😀
    Id love to win tickets to the
    (*) CAPE TOWN (*) event.

    Goodluck to all Entrants 😉
    Fingerz Crossed xX

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  16. Seth Troxler is going to be a gem!! And in terms of local talent- Goldfish always bring the good times. Would really love tickets for joburg!

  17. My ultimate favourite international act has to be ●○•°Afrojack and ofcourse local has to be ●○•° pascal&pearce!! Would love to be a part of the ultra 2016 In Joburg♡ my party pants are and ready to jam the day away to the most amazing acts ever!!!□

  18. Ok, lets try this again!
    Best International: Tiesto!
    Best Local: Golfish 😉
    For JOBURG please! Hahahah

  19. Oops, bad reading lol 🙁
    Best International: Skrillex
    Best Local:Black Coffee

    Cape Town’ gonna go so hard 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Make me a 2016 Ultranaut!!!#Johannesburg??… International artist has to be TIESTO and local artist goes to Timo ODV!????

  21. oH OH OH OH! Tiesto!!! I have been listening to his music since before I can remember! he has been my DJ hero forever!!! I have promised all my friend that this is a state of emergency and that if I cant get tickets I will be selling my liver, kidneys and maybe soul, just so I could see this man do his magic!!!! Cape Town Ultra will be amazing and since I have never experienced anything so amazing (or any live performance) this will be amazing.

  22. Take to to UltraSA JHB.. Would love to watch the sun go down with Robin Schulz, runaway with Galantis and reach the finish line with Black Coffee..

  23. Afrojack is my favourite favourite favourite DJ..ever….Please give me the chance to go see him…it would be a dream come true

  24. In Capectown ultra will be ultra!!! Galantis been waiting for them since their ep!!!! I’ll runaway straight to galantis and my boys swimming in the sea Golfish!!! hitting us with their sick deep house!!!

  25. My fav local artist is Timo ODV and international is Tiesto. IT would be super amazing to go Ultra in Cape Town!!

  26. Has to be Tiesto and Pascal and Pearce would love to see Tiesto hit CapeTown hard again…. Ultra2016 Whoop Whoop!
    let a gooooooo!!!!!!!

  27. Cape Town is where the Party is At!!! 🙂 I missed Ultra last year and would be epic to see it this year 🙂

    Defiantly Pascal & Pierce FTW! And Zedd because they make Magic ????

  28. Dash Berlin & Goldfish! Cape Town! I have been waiting to see Dash Berlin for 6 years now! I can’t afford it and I would be so happy to experience my first ever festival.

  29. Cape Town!!!
    Robin Schulz
    Pascal & Pearce

    Eeeeeeek! Everyone!!!
    #ultrasa2016 ?✌?️??

  30. International: Galantis – haven’t seen them live yet but constantly listen to their sets, fell in love with their music after the 1st big festival they played at, would be amazing to finally see them live!

    Local: Pascal & Pearce – favourite SA DJs/producers, all their live performances have been amazing, always see them perform at SAs biggest festivals or when international DJs come here and make sure I’m always there to hear them.

    City: Cape Town

  31. I am a HUGE Goldfish fan and my favourite international act must be Skrillex! I have seen both live and would LOVE to be able to see both of them at this huge event! I would do anything to go to Ultra 2016! Please give me tickets to the Cape Town show! I will be forever in your debt! Keep up the awesome work guys, loving it! 😀

  32. International Artist: Tiesto, Zedd, Dash Berlin
    Local Artist: Ryan The DJ, Mark Stent, Pascal & Pearce.
    Ultra Johannesburg

  33. international artist: Tiesto.Local artist: Black Coffee. City: Cape Town . #Ultra2016 #MyCityByNight

  34. Absolutely love International Artist Dash Berlin and Local artist Pascal & Pearce. WOuld be awesome

  35. I haven’t ever been to Ultra and to be honest,I didn’t know much about it until a friend introduced me to the insanity that is Ultra ! The after movies were the only motivation I needed to go to Ultra.Just seeing how the djs feeds off the energy of the crowd and vice versa is truly spectacular not forgetting the EPIC sets that are played,I can’t wait to be part of that some day.Hopefully with the help of MyCityByNight that could become a reality.Dang,I can only hope and wait with pure anticipation 😀
    My favourite local acts are definitely Goldfish,Black Coffee and Timo ODV.My international favourites are definitely Skrillex,Tiësto and Zedd,their mixes drive insane(for all the right reasons)along with giving me a rush that just makes me want to dance my face off !!! I look forward to seeing them and every other artist that’s lined up to play in Cape Town.Ultra is my idea of pure estacy and creates a platform to be brought together with people for the love of music and to create memories with thousands of people from all over the globe that will stay with me for the rest of my life ! Hopefully you guys consider me? 😀

  36. I missed Ultra this year because money is a real struggle. Ultra 2016 is a MUST !! I can’t wait to see Adfojack and Zedd.
    I’m dying for tickets to Ultra Johannesburg – pretty please ! 🙂

  37. I missed Ultra this year because money is a real struggle. Ultra 2016 is a MUST !! I can’t wait to see Afrojack and Zedd.
    I’m dying for tickets to Ultra Johannesburg – pretty please ! 🙂

  38. I’ve been to ultra in 2014 and 2015! Would really like to go next year as well!! My favourite artists are Mr Carmack and Chunda Munki!!

  39. Would LOVE tickets !! DASH BERLIN ♡better half of me♡ and Zedd , all for the love of CAPE TOWN! !!

  40. Skrillex and Dean Fuel. Cape Town would suffice if you would be so kind to push me through the gates of Ultra

  41. best international Dj:Tiesto.Best local Dj:Black Coffee.My City:Cape Town #Ultra2016 #MyCityByNight

  42. Robin Schulz of course internationally, and Chris Taylor and Jak Skandi locally, In the mother city of course, Love Cape Town

  43. It most def has to be Dash Berlin and Black Coffee for the the Ultra SA 2 day festival well MY CITY IS JHB, JOHANNESBURG

  44. My favourite international act is Dash Berlin (Even my wedding song was an amazing song from him. Lol. Serious though. Never seen him play before so this would be huge for me)

    My favourite local act is Pascal and Pearce

    I’m down in Cape Town. Would be ultra fantastic to party with the rest of Cape Town at the biggest event for 2016.

    Fingers crossed 😀

  45. I would love to see Afrojack and Pascal and Pearce in the JHB edition of Ultra SA 2016!!! It’s gonna be my 1st time going to the ULTRA SA!

    1. HOMMMILOORD!! I forget to mention that I’d appreciate the tickets for Cape Town …
      Skrillex and Black Coffee , Cape Town . Thanks .

  46. skrillex is definitely my favorite international on this list! Chanda munki being my favorite local! Would love to see them both live at Ultra JHB!

  47. Zedd is definitely my favorite international act and DJ Fresh locally. I’m sooooooo keen to get to Cape Town Ultra

  48. Pascal & Pearce because Local is Lekker ? and Dash Berlin for International coz ?????

    Please please CPT ! ?????

  49. I have been so loyal to UltraSA in CT and I would looove to win tickets this year.
    Please make my life! ? I love many djs on the line up but if I were to choose, my two faves would have to be, Dash Berlin and Pascal & Pierce ??? yasss queen ??

  50. My fav international Dj is Dash Berlin ❤❤
    My local fave the Pascal & Pearce baby❤❤
    Please make my life. Been an UltraSA fan since year 1. Cape Town tickets please please ???

  51. Local will have to be Pascal and Pearce and for International it has to be Carnage!

    For the Mother City show!

  52. My favorite International would have to be Dash Berlin, Local artist would have to be the man who is currently on fire right now. Black Coffee. Johannesburg

  53. Robin Schulz on the international front and the good old Chris Jack on the local front.
    Cape Town is where it’s attttttt!



  54. Skrillex & Zedd & Tiesto! Cannot believe they will all be together at one festival on our shores. Nuts it is.. This lineup is insane!

  55. My girlfriend is the biggest fan of Skrillex and Goldfish and she leaves for Malawi next year in March. I would love nothing better than to spoil her with tickets to the Ultra Johannesburg show before she leaves! #makedreamscometrue

  56. With such an amazing line up for Ultra 2016 the choice for an international and local favourite act is pretty difficult to make. I
    choose Galantis (Their track Peanut Butter Jelly is jam) as my international act and definitely Black Coffee (The man can do no
    wrong, does SA music proud)as my local choice. I want to go to Ultra 2016 JHB so bad.

  57. Afro jack and timo ovd loooovvve them would love to win tickets to Ultra SA Joburg pretty please

  58. Please let me see Mr Carmack and Black Coffee perform in Cape Town next year!!
    I will be forever greatful =’)

  59. Skrillex and Goldfish!
    (The line up is so great it is hard to decide though!)
    Cape Town

  60. Local :goldfish all the way and international :dash Berlin in the city of Cape Town ???????

  61. International dj definitely has to be Dash Berlin 😀 and because local is lekker i gotta say Chris Taylor & Jack Skandi!

    City: Cape Town

  62. Local artist Dj fresh international has to be Dash Berlin! Please give me the chance to see @dashberlin live please please please MyCityByNight and the city would be the mother of all city’s Cape Town

  63. My Favourite Local Act is defiantly Black Coffee and my Favourite International act is Zedd Of cause 😀 !!!!

    Cape Town 🙂

    Will give all my organs for this prize lol

  64. I really want to see Skrillex, the Martinez Bros and Tiesto for the first time ever in JHB. That would be would be a huge weight off my Bucket list.

  65. I really want to see Skrillex and Gold Fish! and basically everyone else :p but I don’t have the cash dollar(Student Life :p). Cape Town. This would be truly epic to win! 😀

  66. Heeey! I would love to win these tickets in Cape Town. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… I’m waiting patiently for the announcement that I’ve won ?.
    International Dj : Dash Berlin?
    Local Dj: Pascal & Pearce ❤❤

    1. Overall, sick line up ?… So excited to see skrillex getting crazy & Robin shulz festive vibezzz

  67. ZEDD!! Cape Town!!! Please make my year. I think all the artists are amazing and i was unfortunate enough to miss the previous ultra festivals due to student fees and loans

        1. 🙂 ZEDD and GOLDFISH!

          Timo Odv is pretty cool as well. I’ve really enjoyed all his songs thus far and he has really great talent. Goldfish however has always been my favourite.

          Zedd on the other hand has unique music and his collaborations are always amazing to listen to. He always leaves me with those goose bump feelings after listening ti his music

  68. Zedd and Black Coffee … im up for round two with my boy who will be their first time…#ultra #MyCityByNight

    I’d sell a kidney to see them :'( CAPE TOWN is where I’m at!

  70. Just going to comment again IN HOPES THAT YOU NOTICE ME ?
    I would do anything to see ZEDD & BLACK COFFEE in CAPE TOWN


  71. Would be so great to see Zedd. (Wouldn’t mind seeing Skrillex as well, had such a blast at his last gig).
    Definitely wanna be jamming to Pascal&Pearce as well.
    Cape Town ^_^

  72. Zedd and Goldfish.

    Favourite Zedd track: Find you

    “I’ll run away with your foot steps
    I’ll build a city that dreams for two
    And if you lose yourself
    I will find you”

    Favourite Goldfish track: Choose your own adventure

    Catch a ride
    At the opportunity zoo
    Right on time
    You came stumbling through
    It’s a fight
    No one can win it for you
    In the final days, if you change your ways
    Always stop, look up and remember
    Choose your own adventure
    Choose your own adventure”


  73. Oh gosh! Tiesto and Black Coffee! I would love to check them out in Cape Town. Planning on selling my liver otherwise!!

  74. ????? ZEDD and Goldfish?????
    Cape Town


  75. ????????????????????????????????????????? ZEDD ??????????????????????? GOLDFISH ?????????????????


  76. The whole line up is simply awesome and great to tantalise the taste buds but would say Afro Jack and Skrillex all the way with goldfish and black coffee in par level
    Capw town is the party capital where i am and we will rock it lekker.

  77. 🙂 Looking forward to tomorrow! My heart’s pounding and it’s basically all i’ve been thinking about.

    Zedd and Goldfish
    Cape Town

  78. Zedd and Black Coffee… cant wait to see who wins round 2 with the crew … UltraSA2016 MyCityByNight

  79. All these kids know is doef doef. Give it to a connoisseur of the finer sounds of house & techno. 🙂 My favs have to be… drumroll………. Martinez Brothers & Seth Troxler.

    Cape Town.

    PS if I win I’ll wear an ostrich head to the opskop hahaha!


  80. All these kids know is doef doef. Give it to a connoisseur of the finer sounds of house & techno. 🙂 My favs have to be… drumroll………. Martinez Brothers & Seth Troxler.

    Cape Town.

    PS if I win I’ll wear an ostrich head to the opskop hahaha!

  81. All these kids know is doef doef. Give it to a connoisseur of the finer sounds of house & techno. 🙂 My favs have to be… drumroll………. Martinez Brothers & Seth Troxler.

    Cape Town.

    PS if I win I’ll wear an ostrich head to the opskop hahaha!

  82. I love Skrillex, Timo & Black Coffee and i am from Cape Town, 2 tickets would be a dream come true!!!


  83. Guys i’m super sad that you haven’t announced the winners yet. My heart really can’t take it anymore. Every time I log into FB I probably end up checking your page very hour for any updates.

    Zedd and Goldfish
    Cape Town

  84. Cape Town winners:

    Janis Marais
    Dylan Boshoff
    Jade Damonse

    JHB winners:

    Jade Warren
    J.C Church

    Well done and check your emails

  85. Skrillex ? & Black Coffee ?

    My every dream, wish and desire is to see these two live. One international who never gave up, and one local switching up the culture to make insane hits.


  86. Black coffee defs. It’s a shame i have never seen him live.

    International , i would have to say afrojack . Watched him during my rage in 2012 and snuck in my younger brother with a fake i.d. he’s moving to ct this year (hes 18 now :p) so this would be the perfect throwback/ celebration for us both!!

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