WIN Tickets to The Secret Masquerade Cape Town

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We know you want to WIN Tickets to The Secret Masquerade Cape Town this weekend!

We giving away two double Duke tickets to give away valued at R1400!!

So, here you go!

All you need to do is the following:

Tell us how you will keep this a secret when asked where you going on Saturday night…

eg: I am going to watch monkey swing from trees in Orange Street while i sip pina-coladas on a uni-cycle!

HAVE FUN with it, in other words 🙂

Comp closes at 5pm Thursday 19th June. Winner announced at 11am on Friday 20th June.


Here all the details of the event you don’t want to miss:

The Secret Masquerade is being held at a secret historical location in Cape Town.

The only rule is that your identity needs to be kept hidden. There will be fire breathers, mystery entertainment, games, naughty corners, various bar and lounge areas and live music!

Saturday 21st June 2014, 8pm – 2am.

The Royals
DJ Tommy Gun
DJ Charlie Shoemaker


There are two ticket pricing options for you to choose from, the DUKE or the KING. 

The DUKE ticket sells for R350 and includes:

  • Arrival cocktail
  • Secret, mystery entertainment
  • Live music by The Royals on arrival
  • The leftfield Indie and Electro sounds of Tommy Gun
  • Access to our main dance floor, two bars and two lounge areas
  • Card playing area and games room
  • Outside smoking area
  • Seductive, intimate photo booth

We know you like to indulge so we’ve created the KING VIP ticket option priced at R550.  This all-access VIP ticket includes all of the above plus:

  • Your own VIP lounge area and private bar service
  • Delicious, exotic and indulgent canapés by The Chef’s Bench
  • Private access to our ‘Naughty Corner’ — need we say more?
  • Access to the balcony overlooking the dance floor

A R75 drinks voucher to be redeemed for any orders at the bar.

Bob finds stuff, reads stuff, laughs at stuff and then hopes you do the same. He is like a digital dog playing digital fetch for you, only better.

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  1. I’m following the rainbow to the end,try to hustle the Leprechaun for his pot of gold and flying with tinkabell to neverland to give Captain Hook a wedgy 🙂

  2. I am going to measure how Long Long street actually is while trying to balance a 6 pack on my head.

  3. I’m off to the caribbean to locate the rare pigmy penguin with the flabby arms and hairy toes.. After that I have to go visit the people about the people.. but ill catch up with you maybe later.. 😉

  4. I’m going to watch dragons dance and pixies fly while I burlesque for the King in the corner of the castle

  5. I’m leaving this world to go to a universe where all my dreams and wishes will come true, to a place of magic and pure happiness, a place filled with mysterious people and fancy drinks. Why? Because secrets are better than reality, so do not come looking for me.

  6. Saturday eve, just do the usual…go to Knysna, because there its Nice neh, make a turn down for WHAT?! video and then get ratchet whilst twerking back to Cape Town on route 62 listening to thriller by Michael Jackson…

  7. I’ll be feeding pigeons from the Kings palace, while listening to Electro music. . . 🙂

  8. I am going to do what I always do every Saturday night; volunteer at the SPCA and help old ladies cross the street.

  9. I’m going to ride my unicycle in a unitard while searching for a unicorn, whilst eating a mealie in the rain.

  10. Random gentleman: Oh my, you’re a fine looking dame. Would you like to accompany me for a night of drunken debauchery and mischievous mayhem on Saturday?
    Me: Why, heavens no kind stranger. A lady of my caliber has several artifacts of wool to excitingly crochet on said night. Not to mention the baking of scones and churning of butter. Tee hee hee.
    Random gentleman: Goodness me, that sounds like a tempestuous evening indeed. May I be so bold as to offer my presence?
    Random gentleman: Well, buggery and insecticide! Top of the evening to you then, m’lady. I am lactose intolerant and prefer sane dames anyway.
    Me: Tally ho, you jerk.

  11. My Saturday night shall be spent doing the running man in a pink tutu to every Salt n Pepa song ever created. Sex in spandex.

  12. Shit man sorry I can’t make it, im going to the land of Zoron to see if
    I can get my hands on the continum transfuctioner and save the world….
    If only I could find my car…

  13. I’m flying my mystical unigaffe (unicorn giraffe) and having tea with the wizard on the moon. The tea is in honour of the Mr Squiggle, protector of the milky way and father to three beautiful oompah loompas.

  14. I of course will be keeping it low-key on Saturday evening. I will not be keeping any secrets, or painting the town red like a masked vigilante. Did I say masked? I meant unmasked. I will be sitting at home with a lovely cup of tea, while partaking in some mysterious entertainment on the TV. Perhaps I shall listen to some royally delightful music on my iPod. Or maybe dance like nobody is watching (my curtains will be drawn, just to be sure). I may even play some solitaire. And if I get bored, perhaps I will take some selfies. But no, I shall indeed not be heading out on the town to partake in anything remotely exotic, indulgent, or naughty. I shall keep to myself, in the privacy of my own abode, thank you very much.

  15. I am going to be watching every porno I can find to see if that girl from The Casting Couch got the job.

  16. Me: Sorry Dude I can’t make it I’m going to the land of Zoron
    to find the continuum transfunctioner and save the world.
    Ok dude, but where’s your car?
    Omg dude, where’s my car?

  17. Im going on a date with Chuck Norris in Bree street and the unicorns are joining us.

    This is such an AWESOME prize.

  18. This weekend? I’m just going for chilled drinks with Charlie Sheen, which will end probably end early… Then going to saunter off to signal hill to smoke a little joint and play guitar with Willy Nelson whilst watching the sunset, afterwards I’m heading to Fiction where i hear Zuma will be performing a traditional zula dance-off with whoever wishes to join. So a pretty chilled evening..

  19. What an awesome prize but unfortunately I wont be able to attend as will be At the spur enjoying a chico the clown while signing along (and participating to one of the very enthusiastic birthday songs.

  20. I’m going to my father’s friend’s brother-in-law’s mother’s sister’s fish’s funeral that night. It was a big loss. I just can’t go into too many details.

  21. I am going to a place with no name to speak to people with no faces and hear music without making a sound, a place where your name means nothing and your ideas mean everything.

  22. Im going riding on a unicorn in a pink tutu to sprinkle fairy dust all over Cape Town, while singing “oh blah di oh blah dah, life goes on”.

  23. I met this wise, old, owl who told me about this magical place where the Mermaids wear the most beautifully arranged seashells to keep their dignity hidden, the Satyrs and the Nymphs keeps the evening exciting in a “naughty corner” – NO JOCKS OR BOERVROUE ALLOWED – where the alcohol flows from taps in the wall and Charlie is always around for a good old chat; What a Fella!! I’ve got the royal invitation from Sir Owl, soccer what!? See y’ll around.

  24. The flight departs at midnight; to where I do not know. I’ll be wearing red stilettos; my boobies out for show… I’ve heard it might be cold so I’ll bring my fur coat; a chunky gold necklace – strapped tightly around my throat.

  25. Funnily enough, this Saturday marks the final stage in a 18 month-long treasure hunt I’ve been on. At 10:13pm the moon will be in the perfect position to read a very intricately carved set of Mayan glyphs in a location I cannot disclose (I mean, you’re cool and all but I’ve worked too hard for too long to give up the goods now) so I’m taking the evening to prepare before I set out for the clue to the last leg of this hunt and then once I’ve found the clue? I have exactly 3 hours and 47 minutes to decode it and find the final location. But I can promise you this: come treasure or treachery, once this is all over, drinks are on me next time.

  26. As the night departs, I will be doing the moonwalk, awakening Michael Jackson from his grave and re-casting the Thriller Music Video with featuring Zombies such as Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley and will be doing the moon walk down Long Street, as we pass with a mutated strain of Masquerade Craziness we will mutate all people wearing Masks which over runs the entire Long Street and City Bowl. Turning the entire City Bowl into Festival of Masks all over..

  27. Oh gosh, i’ve been putting this off for too long now, but I really have to get back to counting all the hairs on my head

    I would like to inform you.. I will Trolling.. That is all!

  29. I’ll keep my fantastical party plans a secret by quickly unveiling my pendulum on hearing the question, and with a couple of swings my unsuspecting victim will be hypnotised, at which point I’ll whisper into his ear “You know nothing, John Snow”. One click of my fingers, and he’ll blink back into reality, forgetting he ever asked…

  30. Just a second…
    ME: This is my favorite song they’re gonna play
    And I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh?
    ME: You should’ve made some plans with me
    You knew that I was free
    And now you won’t stop calling me
    I’m kinda busy

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